Numeracy in our school follows the new National Curriculum and is taught within a daily Maths lesson. We study:

Using and applying mathematics
Counting and understanding number
Knowing and using number facts
Understanding shape
Handling Data

This highlights the important areas of mathematics that children need to master to make effective progress. The emphasis in Key Stage 1 is on developing number concepts by providing practical, concrete experiences. The children are encouraged to use mathematical language, develop mental strategies for solving problems, and begin to apply their learning in practical situations.
At Key Stage 2 there continues to be an emphasis on mental calculation with the children being encouraged to apply concepts and skills and develop clear logical thought. They are encouraged to share ideas and develop a variety of methods of calculation –both mental and written.

Throughout the teaching of mathematics, we ensure all children gain confidence, knowledge, understanding and enjoyment from an early age, and we promote a positive attitude.
Years 1-4 have designated times for numeracy each day. This involves much teacher-led activity with a great deal of importance placed on the building of mental strategies and mental recall.

As much as possible we work practically – weighing, measuring, using time, using money, exploring capacity, volume – to enable children to enjoy maths and acquire the skills necessary to solve real problems. We develop correct mathematical vocabulary.