The Role of the Governing Body

In general terms it is the Governors who are responsible for the school, and we work together with the Headteacher and staff to ensure its good management.

All the stakeholders of the school are represented on the Governing Body; the staff, the parents, the Local Authority, and Lloyds Educational Foundation, the charity which endows the school.

Our objectives for the school and its pupils are these:

  • That the school should become an outstanding school by its next inspection
  • That the children, when they leave us, will be confident, well behaved, engaged young citizens with an ability and enthusiasm to learn more
  • That the school will actively engage in all aspects of village life, to the mutual benefit of both school and community.
It is a legal requirement that the governors play a major role in decision-making and controlling school policy. They are responsible for:

  • The upkeep and maintenance of the school buildings and grounds.
  • Ensuring that good educational standards and practice are maintained, and that the National Curriculum is implemented.
  • Ensuring that the school operates on a firm financial footing and that value for money is achieved.
Some governors have been allocated special curriculum responsibilities. Governors visit the school each term and present a report at the subsequent governors’ meeting. Governors also visit according to the curriculum area for which they have special responsibility.

The school governing body is made up as follows:

  • Lloyds Foundation Governors
  • Local Authority Governor
  • Parent Governors
  • Teacher
  • Headteacher

There are two major committees which meet regularly to discuss developments and to advise the Governing Body on decisions. They must keep abreast of the changes taking place in education as a whole and in the management of the school in particular.

The Finance & General Purposes Committee proposes and reviews the school’s budget and is responsible for the buildings and grounds of the school. In recent years it has overseen the developments which (for example) have led to the building of a new reception class and the refurbishments of others.

The School Improvement and Development Committee monitors developments in the curriculum and holds the school to account for the progress that the pupils make whilst at the school.

These two major committees are further described on this website.

The Governing Body normally meets twice per term, with the major committees meeting shortly before the Governing Body meetings.

There are further committees which deal with Performance Management and school discipline, but these meet only when necessary.

Governors also organise the annual parents’ and pupils’ questionnaire and actively promote meetings with parents and with staff; for example the annual “sharing the vision” meeting and by attendance at the Governors café at the school’s summer performance and at parent forums.