At Ombersley we aim for a unique curriculum. We inspire the children's learning through exciting topics and meaningful opportunities for learning. We follow the National Curriculum in Year 1-4. Our detailed curriculum offer and over arching objectives and topics for each year group can be found below.
Years 1-4 plan termly topics in accordance with the objectives set out in the National Curriculum. We use our school skills progression sheets to ensure that children learn a balance of knowledge and skills appropriate for their age. The overviews of each topic will be uploaded termly onto this page. 
In year groups which follow the same National Curriculum objectives, we use the skills progression sheets to ensure differentiation and challenge between year groups. 
Preschool and Reception follow the EYFS curriculum. The objectives for both year groups can be found below. Some topics and learning where appropriate are joint but focused on the different abilities of the children. Topics are planned on a short term basis in order to effectively meet the needs of the children as they develop quickly at this young age.