The F & GP Committee

The Finance and General Purposes (FGP) Committee

Governors serving on this Committee are:

Catherine Hartley (Chair of FGP/LEA Governor), Caroline Moore (Headteacher), Frank Cody (Foundation Governor), Daniel Leese (Foundation Governor), and Nicki Williams (Foundation Governor)

The Key Functions of the FGP Committee are as follows:

  • To ensure effective financial management so that money is spent wisely and allows the school to optimise their resources to provide high-quality teaching and learning thus raising standards and attainment for all our pupils.
  • To ensure a rolling programme of upkeep, maintenance and development of the school buildings and grounds for all pupils today and in the future.


Financial Management:

The FGP is guided by the School Financial Value Standards (SFVS) which is completed annually and audited. The committee assist the Headteacher and FGB in all budgeting and financial matters from small one-off requests to monitoring the annual budget and further ahead to long term planning and researching.

Property Matters:

All property has on-going maintenance requirements such as redecoration and renovation. The FGP ensures a rolling financial programme for this which enables the high standards to be maintained. Additionally, for example, requirements of health and safety are constantly being monitored and the necessary alterations implemented. Constant investment in the buildings and planning for the future is a key element for the FGP.

The FGP Governors meet 6 times per year, usually about one week before the meeting of the full Governing Body (FGB), to enable the recommendations to be put forward to the FGB.