Physical Education Funding 2016/17

Physical Education Funding 2016/17

Government funding is continuing for the year 2015/16 to improve provision of PE and Sport in primary schools.

Objectives for 2016/17

Our focus for this year is to maintain the excellent PE provision that the children have accessed over the last three years, in Key Stage 2, and increase provision for Key Stage 1 children.

1. To provide quality professional development for teaching staff to enhance their skills, in identified areas.

2. To provide consistent good quality PE teaching throughout school. This will involve the use of quality sports coaches for teaching PE lessons in Key Stage 2, working alongside the class teacher so that both children and teachers can develop their skills even further. Coaches to be used are from Ombersley Tennis Club, Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Footybugs, Yoga Well Being and Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

3. To use quality coaches for teaching PE lessons in Key Stage 1 and Reception, working alongside the teachers. Coaches to be used for these children are from Footybugs, Gaudet Luce Golf Club and Yoga Well Being as well as taster sessions in Tennis, Tag Rugby and Cricket.

4. To join with schools in the Droitwich Schools Sports’ Partnership to fund a teacher, to organise competitions and festivals. All year groups to have the opportunity to take part in at least one competition or festival. Specific groups of children to be targeted for further events.

5. To work collaboratively with other schools in the pyramid, local clubs and outside agencies to further develop PE and sport opportunities for all children.

6. To audit and enhance resources ensuring children have access to high quality provision to enable them to develop their physical skills and well being. Playtime equipment to be audited and new equipment bought.

7. To increase the provision for gifted and talented children, through the use of specialist coaching and inter school sporting competitions.

8. To organise Sport’s activity days to raise the profile of a range of sports.

9. To continue Yoga sessions for Key Stage 1 children and also Reception, using a qualified coach, during curriculum time, for the children’s well being. Yoga also introduced to Key Stage 2 children in curriculum time.

10. To provide funding for a coach for After school club once a week, to provide opportunities for children of different ages to access a club.

11. To increase the number of children participating in after school clubs by continuing to provide clubs in popular activities eg Tennis as well as introducing a greater variety of clubs eg. Football, Multiskills, Cricket/Rounders. Pupil Premium children to be offered funding to attend Sports’ Clubs.

12. To look at the impact of PE and Sports funding on PE at Ombersley First School, through the use of Pupil questionnaires.

Expected Impact
1. Outstanding PE throughout the school.
2. Development of staff PE skills.
3. Opportunities for regular inter school tournaments.
4. Children engaged and fully active at lunchtimes, using new equipment.
5. Children enjoy PE lessons and understand the importance of keeping healthy.
This is how we will be spending our PE and Sport Premium for the Year 2016/17