PE and Sport at Ombersley 2019/20

Spring 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Golf lessons

The Key Stage 2 children are enjoying their golf lessons with Mark from Worcester Golf range.

He has been very impressed with our putting skills.

Spring 1 ~ Key Stage 1 Yoga lessons

This term we are really enjoying our Yoga sessions with Mrs Rusby. We have been remembering lots of the poses from last year like ‘The cat’, ‘The Dog’, ‘Sleeping lions’, ‘ mountain’ and ‘The bat’. We have also learnt lots of new positions; some a bit trickier than others! We have also played a game of ‘who can lie the stillest’ – some of us found this a bit of a challenge too!

Spring 1 ~ Key Stage 2 Dance lessons

We have loved our Dance lessons with Clare from Dance Fest, this half term. Our Rainforest Dance is now complete and we performed it to Year 3 at the end of our last lesson.

We have got to keep practising though, until we perform it at the Droitwich Pyramid dance festival, later in the year.

Spring 1 ~ Year 1 Gymnastics Festival

Twelve Year 1 children had a fantastic morning of Gymnastics at Sytchampton Primary school, with other Year 1 children from the Droitwich pyramid.

The children performed balances on the mats and on the apparatus and found different ways to travel to a table top and leave with a jump and a roll.

Well done to all the Year 1 children who took part.

Autumn 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Inter house football competition

The children have really enjoyed their football coaching with Harry from Kidderminster Harriers, this half term.

In the final session, the children took part in an inter house football competition. There were some great skills being used, in attack and defence.

The Year 4 final result was a win for Amber house! Well done to Amber and all the other house teams who played with a great sporting attitude.
Year 3 also enjoyed their competition.

Lunch time sports

The children have an opportunity to take part in a variety of different sporting activities, with Mrs Hills and the Year 4 Playground Pals, at lunchtimes.

It’s great fun!

Autumn 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Football lessons

Year 3 and 4 are really enjoying their PE lessons this half term, with Harry from Kidderminster Harriers.

They have learnt about good sportsmanship and how to move into a space to receive the ball. The children have enjoyed the matches at the end of the session too!

Autumn 2 ~ Year 2 Multi Skills festival

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Droitwich Leisure centre taking part in lots of different races. They worked as a team to race against other First schools in the pyramid. There were lots of relay races; including skipping with a hoop, hockey, rugby and running. It was great fun.

Autumn 1 ~ Key Stage 2 Tennis lessons

The children have really enjoyed their Tennis lessons this half term, with the coach Mike from Ombersley Tennis Club.

They have built on their skills from last year and finished the sessions with a competition between their houses.

Well done to Saturn house for winning.

Autumn 1 ~ Year 4 Playground Pals training

Mr Lindley came to teach us how to be amazing Playground Pals, this week!

We thought of all the things we wanted for an ideal lunchtime and then all the qualities you need to be a great Play Pal.

Afterwards we went outside and tried out all sorts of new games that we can teach to the younger children at break times. It was great fun and we can’t wait to get started.