Elm Class 2020/21


Year 1 - Elm Class
Rocket Science!
Welcome to Year 1! We started the new school year with a BANG!
Our new term celebrated our topic Transported into Space by exploring rocket fuel! We put Mentoes in Diet Coke, and watched the chemical reaction fizz up out of the bottles and exploded small plastic cannisters in the playground. It was great fun!

Outdoor Learning
In Year 1 we love to get outside and learn in the great outdoors. Every week we do Forest School with Mrs Moore but most days we take part in independent activity outside. We do art, science, maths, reading... all sorts of things all in the open air, with our special grassy "lawn" to sit on in fine weather. We really enjoyed making things float and sink in the water tank and love using the sand to construct things. 

Our Space Topic
We have really enjoyed learning about Space. We have read terrific books, including "The Loon on the Moon" and "One Giant Leap - the story of Neil Armstrong". All our work has linked to our topic and we have enjoyed writing about the moon, and constructing our own Mars Rovers. We also learned to use different tints to paint our aliens!
Pictures are coming soon.

Everyone has worked really hard in our first half term in Year 1 and we are all catching up after our long time away from school.