Chestnut Class - 2022/23


Year 3 - Chestnut Class
Stone Age Day at Bishops Wood
What a fantastic day we had at Bishops Wood to finish off our Stone Age topic. We spent the morning building nomadic structures out of sticks and willow. After lunch, we became Hunter Gatherers - we used spears to hunt deer, wild boar and hares, went foraging in the woodland, used willow to weave houses. We learnt how to make fishing nets, grind wheat to make flour and even became fire starters! It was a wonderful way to end our topic.
This half term we have enjoyed learning how to play hockey with Mike. We have learnt lots of new skills.
What a very busy start we have had in year 3.
Our new topic is Stone Age; We have been finding out what life was like for people who were living in The Stone Age and how they Hunted and gathered food. We have been researching Cave Art and have been showing our own artistic talents with charcoal, pastels and paints.
In Science, we have been learning about Rocks and soils. We investigated different kinds of Rocks and their uses. We also investigated the properties of soil. Next, we will be finding out about fossils. 
In Science we have also learnt about the permeability of rocks; we dropped water on to different types of rock to see if the water would seep into the rock or if it would run off. We then decided which rock would be the best to build a fountain.
We have enjoyed our first few tennis lessons with Mike.

Stone Age Pebbles  
We designed our own images of Stone Age animals and people. Then we painted our designs on to pebbles using acrylic paints. - They turned out really well!
In R.E. with Mrs Mansfield, we have been learning about the Hindu religion. We have enjoyed acting out the stories and finding out about their beliefs and customs.
Halloween and Library 
Our first half term ended with a lovely Autumn Dress Up day. We enjoyed an afternoon of dancing and games and even managed to fit in a visit to the library.
Stone Age Homework
Year 3 have produced some fantastic pieces of homework, about The Stone Age, this half term. Here are a few of the things they have made and brought into school.
We have really enjoyed our PE lessons this half term with Mike, the coach from Ombersley Tennis Club. In the last lesson we played some matches and had a competition between our houses. 
Well done to Sapphire house!