Beech Class 2022/23


Year 2 - Beech Class
Welcome to Year 2
We have had an exciting Autumn Term exploring our topic Fire Fire! Our first half term focused on Dragons and the story of George and the Dragon. During the second half of the term we focused on the Great Fire of London. 
As part of our English work, we went into Forest School to create a trap for dragons. We used our experiences to help us gather adjectives for our writing. 
Year 2 having fun during our Halloween party!
We had great fun attending a sports festival at Westacre Middle School. We worked hard with the young leaders who were showing us what to do and setting up our activities. A great time was had by all!
Today we took our learning outside to look at the different habitats we could find in our school environment. The children had to identify the habitat and say why it was a good place for that creature. We found out that we share our school with so many others! 
We ended our topic, "Fire Fire!" by looking at modern day fire fighting. The children looked at what as learnt by the experience of the Great Fire of London. In our English work, we wrote a diary of a day in the life of a modern day fire fighter. To really experience what a fire fighter does, we had a team visit us from Droitwich Fire Station. We were able to have lots of hands on experiences to help us write our diaries.
Spring Term 
During this term we are exploring our wonderful world and the animals that we share it with. Our key text is the Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark. In our geography sessions we are exploring each of the 7 continents. We have been excited to find out new things and what each continent is like.
The children have enjoyed finding out about the Jewish faith and how Jews worship. They particularly enjoyed handling the artefacts and trying on traditional garments.
Our reading journey continues in Year 2 with a variety of reading activities. Each week we visit the library where we choose a book for pleasure. Some of us choose books linked to what we are interested in or linked to our topic. Some choose story books. Every week Bonnie, our school dog, joins us. We enjoy reading to her and having her snuggle up beside us as we read. We also read with our friends from other classes once a month in our shared reading sessions. We love reading!
We have really enjoyed our weekly yoga sessions with Mrs Rusby. In this session we were focusing on our breathing by using a feather. We were all so relaxed at the end of the session and we use the breathing techniques in class. Mrs Edwards enjoyed the session too!
Our music sessions have been really lively and we have explored a range of music from the Beatles to Status Quo. We also learnt to play the glockenspiel.
During our art sessions we have been looking at the work of an architect. We have looked at some unusual designs of buildings throughout the world. We made links to our work in geography and compared the architecture in different continents. 
Our project came to an end with us creating our own buildings using a variety of resources. We designed by making and adjusted our creations as we went along. We displayed our finished work and displayed them in our classroom like a gallery. We finished off evaluating our end creations.