Beech Class 2020/21


Year 2 - Beech Class
Welcome to Year 2
We can't wait to share all the exciting things we have been up to.
Welcome to Beech class.
We have had a very busy few weeks settling in to our new class.
Our topic this term is Dragons and Fire. We received a large Golden in a wheelbarrow with a chicken sat on it! We wondered where it had come from! we found out it was from a boy called George so we read his story about 'The Egg'.
We have enjoyed learning new skill in PE this term. 
We enjoyed a morning in the forest. We were able to gather lots of ideas for the setting of our new Egg story. 
Halloween Fun.
We had lots of fun on the last day of the half term. We all came dressed in Halloween costumes for our Halloween disco. We danced and played games. Our carved pumpkins all looked amazing.
Then in the afternoon we had Golden Time; when we played with our new games from The Friends - Thank you.
have a very Happy Half term everyone.