Ash Class 2022/23


Year 4 - Ash Class
Year 4 2022/23
What a fantastic way to end our World War II topic!
We invited our parents to a VE day party, where we ate soup we had designed and made with the vegetables from Mr Brett's allotment and apple crumble that we made using apples from his allotment too.
We sang a medley of songs from World War II and finally shared all our work in the classroom, with our parents.
We had a very busy morning making apple crumbles, using the apples we collected from Mr Brett's allotment. 
We hope our parents will enjoy eating them, at our VE day party on Tuesday!
Yesterday, we walked down to the village to meet Mr Brett at his allotment. We wanted to find out what grows at this time of year and what we could use to make our soup.
We had already found out that in World War II people used to grow as much food as they could because of the shortages. Many people had their own allotments.
We will be using the vegetables to make different soups for our VE day party which is in a couple of week's time, and we hope our parents will enjoy them!
Next week we will plan what soups we can make using the vegetables from Mr Brett's allotment.
This term in PE, we are working on our attacking and defending skills in Hockey, over at Ombersley tennis club. It is great fun!
The day Pudsy came to visit!
Children in Need 2022
On Thursday, we were evacuated to Hartlebury Castle. We went into the Great Hall which was just like the hall in our story The Lion and the Unicorn.
First of all, we went into the school room and practised what we would need to do if we heard the air raid siren and then we wrote postcards to our parents back home! We looked at all the World War II artefacts and had a go at adding up old money, playing war games and tried on a gas mask. When we heard the air raid siren we all dived under the tables.
After lunch, we went into the scullery where we learnt about rationed foods, planned a menu and had to do chores like the laundry, wrapping up a parcel and making a rag rug.
It was a really enjoyable day. But the children were happy to return to comforts of the 21st century!
In PE this half term, we have been continuing to develop the tennis skills that we learnt in Year 3, with Mike, the coach from Ombersley Tennis Club. We have improved so much!
We finished the half term with a tennis competition between our houses. Well done to Sapphire house.
Today the Year 4 children spent the day at Westacre Middle School, taking part in some really exciting activities.
In the morning, the children learnt how to play the Jumbie steel drums. They learnt to read a few musical notes and play some tunes. It was a lot harder than they thought it would be!
After lunch, the activity was Computing and the children went up to the ICT suite to try Coding. It was great fun and the children managed to write codes for a Microbit, just like you see at a football stadium.
Science was great fun! This half term we are finding about the states of matter. We had to investigate which liquids flow fastest.
Last week we were trained in how to be playground leaders. We learnt lots of games that we can play with the younger children. We also learnt about the qualities we need to be great Playground leaders. We are looking forward to starting this week.
What a great start to Year 4!
Our Topic lessons started off with a suitcase containing some old items. They were the clues to the character in our story. We think the suitcase belongs to an evacuee in World War 11, called Lenny.