Ash Class 2021/22


Year 4 - Ash Class
Welcome to Year 4
We can't wait to share all the exciting things we have been up to. 
On Friday, the children all took part in Playground Leader's training. We thought about the skills that a Playground Leader needs, learnt some new games (and enjoyed playing them too!) and discussed how we could organise them, to play with the younger children.
It was a great morning!
The children have made a great start to their PE lessons, this year. This term, we are going to Ombersley Tennis Club for lessons with the coach, Mike Langston. The children have remembered all the skills they learnt last year and are working on rallying and match play.
We discovered an old suitcase that had been left in our classroom. It contained clothes, pyjamas, a teddy, a toy lorry and even a jam sandwich! There were also things that we hadn't seen before such as; an identity card, a ration book and a badge of a lion and a unicorn.  We spent some time looking at all of the items and trying to work out who it belongs to.