Ash Class 2021/22


Year 4 - Ash Class
Welcome to Year 4
We can't wait to share all the exciting things we have been up to. 
Summer term 2022
Pioneer 2022
The children had the most amazing time at the Pioneer Centre! They threw themselves (literally) into all the activities, enjoyed spending time with the children from Hindlip and Tibberton and went to sleep very late!!
Have a look at just a few of the 500 photographs we took of the visit.
What a great start to the Summer term and our topic From Bean to Bar.
A box of Wonka Bars arrived in our classroom and one of them held the Golden Ticket! Who would find it and win the prize? Look at the photographs below to see who it was.
We were then set the task of designing our own amazing, wondrous, scrumptious chocolate bars, using different ingredients. Of course we had to taste them first!
Then came the making day!  That was great fun and when they had cooled down we wrapped them in silver foil and our own special wrappers which we had designed. They all looked amazing.
Finally, of course, we had to taste them to decide if they were as good as they looked. And they were!
We hope you enjoyed the ones that the children brought home for you to try too.
See if you can spot your chocolate bar in the photographs below.
Spring Term 2022
Visit to The Corinium Museum
On Monday, the children in Year 4 visited the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, for a Roman experience day.
After arriving, the children took part in a work shop to find out about everyday life in Roman Times. There was a series of activities including mosaic making, Roman games, food and pottery and Roman clothing, which included dressing up!! 
After lunch, there was a chance to look around the museum and do some finding out of their own. 
What an amazing day it was! 
Tag Rugby Tournament
Ten children from Year 4, went to Westacre Middle school to take part in a Tag Rugby competition, with other First schools from the Droitwich pyramid.
The children used all the skills they had learnt from the Rugby lessons with Worcester Warriors and won most of their matches.
It was lovely to see some of the 'old' Ombersley children refereeing the matches, as part of their leadership skills.
The children had a fantastic morning. Thank you to Miss Ballard and Miss Weatherby for taking them.
Book Week 2022
This year, in Book Week, we read the story of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. It is a beautiful book. 
We looked at the meanings of Charlie Mackesy's pictures about 'kindness' and 'friendship'.
We studied how Charlie Mackesy created his pictures and words and at the end of the week had a go at creating our own picture, using all the skills we had learnt. Our teachers were very impressed with them.
On Thursday, World Book Day, we came to school dressed as book characters and on Friday we came to school in our PJs.
It was all great fun!
Pancake Races 2022
Year 4 enjoyed their first golf lesson of the term. It was a little strange playing golf in our book character costumes!!
For the final PSHE session of the half term, the Year 4 children took part in a First Aid workshop. They learnt how to treat burns, cuts, make slings, treat people who are choking and how to resuscitate someone who is not breathing, using 'Baby Shark do do do do do!'
In our final Tag Rugby lesson with Worcester Warriors, the children used all the skills they had learnt in a House competition. 
There were some very competitive, muddy matches!
Everyone played very well and the overall winner was Sapphire blue house. Well done everyone!
This term, in our PE lessons, we are learning all the skills we need to play Tag Rugby, with the coach Caity from Worcester Warriors.
It is great fun but very muddy!
Autumn Term 2021
Meeting Father Christmas
Christmas Jumper Day
In our final Hockey lesson of the half term, we had our House Hockey matches.
The children used all the skills they had learnt throughout the five lessons and there were some very competitive matches played.
Well done to blue Neptune house, for being the winners.
Well played everyone!
Finally, it was the day or our VE day party.
We came to school dressed as evacuees and in the morning we made party hats out of newspaper and paper chains. 
In the afternoon, we listened to Winston Churchill's speech, then sang World War II songs.
At our party, we ate our soup we had made using vegetables from the allotment. We weren't all very keen on it! But we enjoyed the biscuits and cakes! Afterwards, we played board games.
It was a lovely end to our World war II topic.
To get ready for our VE day party, we made different types of vegetable soup, using vegetables from our visit to the allotment. We also made carrot cookies, using vegetables from the allotment too! And chocolate biscuits, using World War II recipes.
We visited Ombersley allotments to see what was grown there. Mr Brett dug up some of his vegetables so that we could use them to make our soup for our VE day party.
It was lovely to be back in St. Andrew's Church for the first time in a long time.
We heard the beginning of the Nativity from the Open the Book people.
Visit to the War Graves at Ombersley Church
As part of our work on Remembrance, we visited the War Graves in Ombersley Church.  We were able to see the poppies on the War Memorial and find out where some of the graves are in the Churchyard.  We even had a look inside the Church to see the Poppies from the Tower of London and the 26 silhouettes sat in the pews to remember some of the soldiers that went away to war and never came home. It was a very thought-provoking visit. 
We loved Pudsey's visit to school, today. We can't wait for Children in Need, next Friday. He may visit us again!
We had a fantastic day being evacuated to Hartlebury Museum!
When we arrived at Hartlebury, we were taken into the Great Hall where we had to wait to see who would take us back to their homes. It was a bit scary, but thankfully we were only role playing!
Afterwards, we went into the school room and did some Maths with 'old money' and practised getting under the desks quickly when we hard the siren. We also had a look at some games, tried knitting and Morse code, packed a suitcase neatly and went into the playground to skip to some World War 2 rhymes. Finally, we had to write a postcard home.
After lunch, we went into the kitchen for Make Do and Mend. We had to weigh out how many sweets we would be allowed for a month ~ not very many! Then we we tried making a 'rag rug', washing clothes, trying on clothes and wrapping a parcel for a Christmas present using brown paper (which we had to iron first!) and string. It was a bit tricky! Afterwards we had to plan a three course meal using rationed foods and looked at some different kitchen equipment and had to work out what they were used for. What a wonderful day it was! 
Have a look at all the photographs of our day, below.
Happy Hallowe'en!
In our final tennis lesson, this term, we had a house competition, to practise using all the skills we have learnt this term. It was a very close competition and we even had to have a play off as two houses had exactly the same score. The final score was Sapphire 1st, Ruby 2nd, Amber 3rd and Emerald 4th. Well done everyone! We did look a little strange playing tennis in our Hallowe'en costumes though!!
The winners of our first Times Tables Rock Stars competition!
We have loved writing stories about 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'. We even wrote our own story about another incredible child who eats strange things!
In Science this term, we have been finding out about Solids, Liquids and Gases.
We have carried out investigations to find out 'Which liquids flow the fastest?', 'Do solids melt at different temperatures?' and 'Do all liquids freeze at the same temperature?' We had to make sure that all the tests were fair.
On Friday, the children all took part in Playground Leader's training. We thought about the skills that a Playground Leader needs, learnt some new games (and enjoyed playing them too!) and discussed how we could organise them, to play with the younger children.
It was a great morning!
The children have made a great start to their PE lessons, this year. This term, we are going to Ombersley Tennis Club for lessons with the coach, Mike Langston. The children have remembered all the skills they learnt last year and are working on rallying and match play.
We discovered an old suitcase that had been left in our classroom. It contained clothes, pyjamas, a teddy, a toy lorry and even a jam sandwich! There were also things that we hadn't seen before such as; an identity card, a ration book and a badge of a lion and a unicorn.  We spent some time looking at all of the items and trying to work out who it belongs to.