Science in Year 3

We have been learning about Light and shadows in Science. We tested which materials were transparent, translucent and opaque.

We used torches at different angles to investigate the length of shadows.

Science in year 3 ~ Plants

Year 3 have been finding out all about plants this term. We planted our own vegetables and plants, which we are looking after.

We have carried out some experiments to investigate how plants drink. We put  white carnations and celery in coloured water, to see what would happen.

Then we carried out a ‘pollination’ experiment with ‘cheesy puffs’. We had fun eating them, then wiping our ‘cheesy’ hands on flower pictures to see how pollen is spread accidentally by bees and other insects.

We are still looking after our plants and vegetable seedlings. Our Science will now move on to looking at Humans and other animals. 

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As part of our Design and technology and Science, we have been building Artbots.

First we created an electric circuit to light a bulb and sound a buzzer. Then we used the skills we had learnt to create our own ‘dancing’ and drawing Artbot!

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Separating Materials

This week in our topic lessons we have had a science focus again. We learnt about solids and liquids and we tested a range of materials to see if they dissolved. We learnt which materials were soluble and which were insoluble. Next we learnt a variety of techniques to separate solids from liquids and we applied these skills to an interesting look concoction! We decided which methods were the most effective and how to achieve the best results.

On Wednesday we found out that some people who live in India and St. Lucia do not have access to clean water. We were set the challenge of using the skills we had learnt to clean our own dirty water. The results were fantastic and we even thought the winning group had put tap water into their bowl! We were able to suggest hints and tips to help those people who do not have clean water.

It was a fantastic week and we had a lot of scientific fun!

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Science Week

We have just got to the end of our exciting Eco Science Week. We have found out a lot about being eco-friendly this week and have enjoyed lots of science outside. These are some of the activities that we have enjoyed:

On Monday we had a recycling challenge. We tried to bring in as much as recycling as we could. As a class we collected a fantastic 16.2kg of recycling! In maths we sorted it and measured it accurately using scales. We tried to turn it into something useful for someone in the rainforest.

Science week 010 Science week 014 Science week 017

On Tuesday we had a visit from Animal Mania.  We met lots of beautiful animals from the Rainforest.  It was very interesting to find out which rainforest layer they lived in.

Science week 024 Science week 030 Science week 029

Wednesday was World Environment Day. We thought about the ways in which we can be more eco-friendly and help to combat global warming.

On Thursday we were comparing the different animals and how they are suited to their environment. We went into the forest in the morning to hunt for minibeasts and identify them using keys. We also discussed how they were adapted to suit life in a forest.

Science week 080 Science week 079 Science week 068

In the afternoon we learnt how to pond dip.  We explored the pond using nets and saw lots of different stages of the frog life cycle.  It was fantastic!

Science week 084 Science week 088 Science week 087

On Friday we dressed up as minibeasts and some of us even had our faces painted.  We wrote about the Amazon Rainforest, made eco-friendly newspaper plant pots and had a fun outside activity.

Science week 092 Science week 096 Science week 093

Science Week

The children have had a fabulous science week! We have taken part in lots of different activities such as the recycling challenge, Animal Mania, forest school, clay animals and pond dipping. We were also lucky enough to have Fran and Anna visit us on Friday morning to do another science activity while we made pots and wrote Amazon food reports. Everyone who dressed up looked fantastic and Mrs. Pittaway painted beautiful minibeast designs all afternoon.


This week in science we have been learning about food chains and classifying animals. We learnt about each stage of the food chain, including all the complicated vocabulary, and we applied what we had learnt to a game of food chain tag! We also learnt about using keys to classify animals so we used our habitat and went on a minibeast hunt on Thursday afternoon. We used magnifying glasses and pooters to identify our minibeasts and we drew our keys back in the classroom. No minibeasts were harmed during this lesson!

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Science Week

We had a very busy week, starting with our Recycling challenge on Monday. We worked together to sort it, weigh it and plan what to do with it. Our classroom was full of rubbish but we soon converted it into mini beast hotels, homes and cities…

Science week 007 Science week 016 Science week 018 Science week 040 Science week 044

On Tuesday we had a visit from Animal mania ~ we met lots of mini beasts, some familiar ones and some new ~ we were all very brave and held Madagascan hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes, African land snails (smaller than ours!) and Australian stick insects (bigger than ours). We also saw a tarantula and a scorpion.

Science week 049sc week 46 Science week 051 Science week 055 Science week 059 Science week 060 Science week 063 Science week 065 Science week 072

We had great fun pond dipping; we caught some tadpoles,leeches,dragonfly nymphs and diving beetles.This helped us with our data collection for Numeracy.  We set up our own wormeries.

sc week 79 sc week 87 Science week 075 Science week 078 Science week 083

In Forest school we also looked for mini beasts in their woodland habitat.

Science week 093 (1) Science week 097 Science week 101 Science week 106

On Friday we all dressed up as mini beasts and joined ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’ for Wake and Shake.
We had a fantastic week!


We have been learning about Space in our topic lessons this week. We learnt about the different planets in our Solar System- their names, position and size. We made mobiles showing the position and size of each of the planets. It wasn’t as easy as it looked! We had to use a compass to draw the planets in an accurate circle and to the correct size. We also had to colour them so they could be distinguished before attaching them to our base which showed the orbits of each of the planets. It was great fun and they look wonderful hung up around the classrooom!


Welcome back!

I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday. All the children have settled into Year 3 really well and we have had a fantastic first week back! Thank you to everyone who came to the ‘Share the Vision’ evening on 13th September, it was lovely to talk to you about the year ahead.

We have started our ‘Extreme Environments’ topic and for the next few weeks we are focusing on polar environments. Below are photos of some of the things we have been doing.

Our camping sleepover is next Friday 21st September, if you have any questions about it then please come in and speak to Miss. Cartwright or Miss. Bryce.

Mad Science

We had a science assembly, Harriet was chosen to help!
We liked seeing Miss Bryce mummified!

April 2012  science ass 2 April 2012  science ass 1 April 2012 science ass 4April 2012 science ass 3