The children have really enjoyed their ‘Growing’ topic this term.

We found out what cress seeds need to germinate. The tree that we have followed each month, throughout the year, has really changed and the bean seeds that we planted have grown so much that they could reach up to the land of the clouds!

And we have grown too!


Science Week

We have just got to the end of our exciting Eco Science Week. We have found out a lot about being eco-friendly this week and have enjoyed lots of science outside. These are some of the activities that we have enjoyed:

On Monday we had a recycling challenge. We tried to bring in as much as recycling as we could. As a class we collected a fantastic 16.2kg of recycling! In maths we sorted it and measured it accurately using scales. We tried to turn it into something useful for someone in the rainforest.

Science week 010 Science week 014 Science week 017

On Tuesday we had a visit from Animal Mania.  We met lots of beautiful animals from the Rainforest.  It was very interesting to find out which rainforest layer they lived in.

Science week 024 Science week 030 Science week 029

Wednesday was World Environment Day. We thought about the ways in which we can be more eco-friendly and help to combat global warming.

On Thursday we were comparing the different animals and how they are suited to their environment. We went into the forest in the morning to hunt for minibeasts and identify them using keys. We also discussed how they were adapted to suit life in a forest.

Science week 080 Science week 079 Science week 068

In the afternoon we learnt how to pond dip.  We explored the pond using nets and saw lots of different stages of the frog life cycle.  It was fantastic!

Science week 084 Science week 088 Science week 087

On Friday we dressed up as minibeasts and some of us even had our faces painted.  We wrote about the Amazon Rainforest, made eco-friendly newspaper plant pots and had a fun outside activity.

Science week 092 Science week 096 Science week 093

Science Week

The children have had a fabulous science week! We have taken part in lots of different activities such as the recycling challenge, Animal Mania, forest school, clay animals and pond dipping. We were also lucky enough to have Fran and Anna visit us on Friday morning to do another science activity while we made pots and wrote Amazon food reports. Everyone who dressed up looked fantastic and Mrs. Pittaway painted beautiful minibeast designs all afternoon.


This week in science we have been learning about food chains and classifying animals. We learnt about each stage of the food chain, including all the complicated vocabulary, and we applied what we had learnt to a game of food chain tag! We also learnt about using keys to classify animals so we used our habitat and went on a minibeast hunt on Thursday afternoon. We used magnifying glasses and pooters to identify our minibeasts and we drew our keys back in the classroom. No minibeasts were harmed during this lesson!

bluebell 007 bluebell 008 bluebell 009 bluebell 011 bluebell 012 bluebell 010

April 2013

We have had a very busy start to the term. Our topic for this term is called the ‘Circle of Life’ and we have started planting some seeds to find out what happens to them.

After the parents very kindly dug over our raised bed, we decided to plant radishes, peas, carrots, lettuce and cucumbers.Then Mrs Osborn and Reception class set us a challenge to see which class could grow the most potatoes, and so we planted those too. It was very messy!

DSCN2795 DSCN2796 DSCN2800 DSCN2812 DSCN2814 DSCN2819Then on Friday Mrs Hobbs showed us some eggs but she wouldn’t tell us what sort of eggs they were! We thought they might hatch into caterpillars, slugs or ants.  What do you think?



Circle of life

We are really enjoying our new Summer topic entitled ‘Circle of Life’. We began by planting seeds in our vegetable garden, which had been prepared by some of us and our parents. We also planted some seed potatoes for our competition challenge set by Mrs. Osborn. In the classroom we have been busy growing our own ‘magic’ beans. We are keeping a diary to record how fast they grow ~ we think some might grow as big as Jack’s in Jack and the Beanstalk! We will then plant them out in our vegetable garden too. Each group has also planted some cress seeds in different things to see which grow the best.

We are really looking forward to our trip on the Severn Valley Railway and our ‘Go Wild in the Countryside’ experience on Wednesday. ~ Watch out for the photos next week!

We fed the birds during the RSPB Bird Watch Week



We are hoping to finish planting the maze with daffodils and are hoping to dig over the vegetable beds this half term -if you are able to help please let us know.

We started the term by weeding our raised bed

We are hoping to plant our seeds by the end of the week
(if if doesn’t rain too much!)

April 2012 gardening 1 April 2012 gardening 4 April 2012 gardening 3 April 2012 gardening 2

Easter Egg Hunt

The Friends organised an Easter Egg hunt in our daffodil maze.

March 2012 egg hunt 1March 2012 egg hunt 2

Sculpting with nature

We helped plant the willow sculpture – it was cold!

February 2012 willow weaving February 2012 willow weaving 1