Forest School

Year 3 had a treat last week, Mrs. Pittaway and Mrs. Horton took them into the forest for a lovely afternoon of fun and exploration.

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Science Week

The children have had a fabulous science week! We have taken part in lots of different activities such as the recycling challenge, Animal Mania, forest school, clay animals and pond dipping. We were also lucky enough to have Fran and Anna visit us on Friday morning to do another science activity while we made pots and wrote Amazon food reports. Everyone who dressed up looked fantastic and Mrs. Pittaway painted beautiful minibeast designs all afternoon.

Autumn Week

This week we have tried many different Design and Technology activities with the theme Autumn.We did something different every day with a different teacher in a different classroom! Miss Bryce did willow weaving, Miss Cartright did leaf printing, Mrs Stanley made Autumn mobiles, Mrs Osborn made apple crumbles and Mrs Hobbs did Environmental art in the forest. It was great fun!

We even had a Halloween theme on Friday. Can you guess what this is?

Forest School

Focus on Forest School. Pictures and text about it, how often, qualifications, benefits etc

We are learning about dinosaurs

Do you like our dinosaur play area? We painted it ourselves.

We have also been learning Nursery Rhymes, this week we learnt Humpty Dumpty.
We made a wall for him – we hope he doesn’t fall!

First week Sept 23 First week Sept 8

We go to Forest School every week, we love it!

FFirst week Sept 26 FFirst week Sept11

FFirst week Sept 24 FFirst week Sept 25

On Fridays we read with a partner from another class.

RFirst week Sept 4 RFirst week 17

Easter Bonfire at Forest School

We had a bonfire and cooked Easter marshmallows. They were yummy!

March 2012 bonfire 1 March 2012 bonfire 2
March 2012 bonfire 3 March 2012 fire 4

Then we made nests for real eggs

March 2012 eggs 1 March 2012 075

March 2012 eggs 2 March 2012 eggs 3

DT Book Week

We have been looking at the stories of Percy the Park Keeper.

For DT week we read the book ‘After the Storm’

after the storm

We made animal masks

February 2012 Percy 4

We made Percy’s Hut in our outdoor area

February 2012 Percy 2 February 2012 Percy 1 February 2012 Percy 6

and played at being Park Keepers at Forest School

February 2012 Percy 8
February 2012 Percy 7

We made a tree for our role play area with lots of puppets.

February 2012 Percy 13 painting March 2012 tree 1

This term we have been learning about houses and homes

We made houses in the classroom…

Jan 2012 housesJanuary 2012 houses 1








…and outside

January 2012 houses 2 January 2012 houses 3






We made houses in Forest School
January 2012 Forest School house January 2012 forest school







We made a ‘Sweetie’ house with our learning partner.
January 2012 choc house January 2012 choc house 2




and we walked around Ombersley looking at different houses.
January 2012 omb walk January 2012 omb walk 2