This year Year 2 are going to be cooking on Wednesday afternoons, throughout the year. We started last week and are making shortbread this half term. The first two groups really enjoyed themselves and can’t wait to see what they will be cooking next half term.

Christmas Market!

Last week we worked very hard making all our things for our Christmas market. Mrs. Osborn challenged us to make the most profit using our £10 budget. We undertook market research to see what we could make and then we set about making for the rest of the week.

We made 5 items in total and worked every day to make sure they were all ready for Friday’s market. Our record was Thursday morning when we made 105 cakes before playtime!

On Friday our stall was popular and we sold everything that we had made. Our profit was a very impressive £76.10! Thank you to everyone who visited our stall and well done Chestnut class for all your hard work making our stall a success!


For the next few weeks in Literacy we will be learning to write our own instructions. Today we made a snack for a mountaineer to take with him on a trek up Mount Everest! We didn’t have the instructions so we had to listen to the instructions that were given to us verbally and we will be writing our own version of the recipe soon. Our cereal bars were very tasty and some of us even washed up afterwards!

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