Book Week Assembly

On Monday we told the story of  ‘One leaf rides the wind’. During the week we made a Japanese Tea House and a Pagoda. Thank you for coming to watch our assembly we hope you enjoyed it.

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Japan – Book Week

Our book for this year was One leaf rides the wind by Celeste Davidson Mannis. We spent the week looking at all things Japanese.

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On Monday it was Hina Matsuri, the dolls festival. We made origami dolls.
Mr Brett, one of our school governors came to read us a story.

On Tuesday it was Pancake day and we had races in the playground.

On Wednesday our mums, dads and Grand parents came into the classroom to share books.

On Thursday we brought in our story boxes.

And on Friday it was our Book Week Day, we all dressed up as characters from our favourite books. Do you know who we all are?



Book Week

The first week in March was our book week.  We had lots of fun retelling the story of the Egyptian Cinderella.  We made pictures with moving parts in prepartion for making pop-up books.  On Thursday we dressed up as our favourite book characters – look how good we look.

DSCN1518 DSCN1495 DSCN1513

Book Week

Professor McGinty and Book Week 029

This year in Book Week we had a D.T. focus. We used our story of ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ as the basis for our D.T. projects. We rewrote the story and typed it up each day.

Our D.T. focus was ‘Moving Books’. We learnt how to make different mechanisms for moving books before designing our own moving pages to fit in with our version of Cinderella.

We practised each mechanism before creating each page. We used a different mechanism on each page.

On Thursday we all dressed up for World Book Day- the costumes looked fantastic! This week we have been busy rehearsing for our assembly and finishing our books, we are looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 2:30pm.

Professor McGinty and Book Week 014 Professor McGinty and Book Week 016 Professor McGinty and Book Week 017 Professor McGinty and Book Week 018 Professor McGinty and Book Week 019 Professor McGinty and Book Week 025 Professor McGinty and Book Week 026 Professor McGinty and Book Week 027 Professor McGinty and Book Week 040 Professor McGinty and Book Week 039 Professor McGinty and Book Week 015 Professor McGinty and Book Week 041

Book Week

And this is what our moon buggies look like!

moon buggys 2013 002

This week at school, has been D.T. Book Week. Year 2 looked at a book by Oliver Jeffers called, The Way Back Home. In the story the small boy meets a Martian. We have been retelling the story in our special way using actions, acting out different situations the boy found himself in and doing different sorts of writing. The small boy also asked us to help him by designing and making a model of buggy he could use on the moon with the Martian. It was great fun sawing, cutting and gluing! And on World Book day we all came to school dressed as book characters. Our costumes were fantastic. We even had a few small boys, a penguin and Oliver Jeffers himself.

If you want to see what our finished moon buggies look like come along and see our assembly on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

Have a look at the pictures of our week’s activities.

Book Week

World Book Day 004

During Book week we read another Oliver Jeffers story called The Way Back Home. In this story the boy travels to The Moon and makes a new friend ~ a Martian. As our Book week had a design and technology focus, we decided to design our own Moon buggies so that the boy and the Martian could travel across the moon. We had great fun making them, we had to measure, saw, glue and put them all together. Thankyou, Mrs.Harding and Mrs. Brown for coming and helping us. Have a look…

On World Book Day we all dressed up as our favourite book character, all the teachers dressed up too. Can you guess who we all are?
Don’t forget to come and watch our Book Week assembly on Thursday morning at 9.00am where we will tell you all about what we did.

World Book Day 003 World Book Day 020 World Book Day 021 World Book Day 030

Book Week

During the week we read lots of Julia Donaldson Books
Our main book was ‘What the Ladybird Heard’


We made ladybird biscuits

Book week 8 ladybird Book week 7 ladybird Book week 6 ladybird

We all dressed up for World Book Day

Book week 3 Book week 4 Book week 2 Book week Mrs PBook week 9 costume Book week 1

Books at Bedtime

Some of the class, came back to school in their pyjamas!
Mrs Osborn read us stories and we had hot chocolate.

books at bedtime 1 books at bedtime 2 books at bedtime 3 books at bedtime 4

DT Book Week

We have been looking at the stories of Percy the Park Keeper.

For DT week we read the book ‘After the Storm’

after the storm

We made animal masks

February 2012 Percy 4

We made Percy’s Hut in our outdoor area

February 2012 Percy 2 February 2012 Percy 1 February 2012 Percy 6

and played at being Park Keepers at Forest School

February 2012 Percy 8
February 2012 Percy 7

We made a tree for our role play area with lots of puppets.

February 2012 Percy 13 painting March 2012 tree 1