Bluebell walk

We went on the Bluebell walk, it was a lovely walk but the track was a bit muddy in places –Daniel left his wellie in the mud!   The bluebells had nearly finished  but we loved walking through the buttercup field. Thank you to the mums and grans who came to help.

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Our Bluebell Walk

On Wednesday we went on our annual Bluebell Walk.  It was such fun walking through the fields to the woodland.   For the last time we stood around the wishing tree and listened to the wildlife.  Miss Bryce even let us run through the fields a bit too!

Bluebell Walk

Last week the time came for our annual bluebell walk.  We set off over the fields to the woods nearby.  We enjoyed looking at the beautiful bluebells and had some good discussions about how this English Woodland compares with the Rainforest.  There were surprisingly, lots of similarities between the two and we even identified four different layers.  It was a lovely afternoon.

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Bluebell Walk

On Monday, we enjoyed our annual bluebell walk in the woods. This year the the fields had been cut so we could see where we were going. The bluebells looked beautiful and once we had stood at the roundabout tree we discussed the difference between the bluebell woods and the rainforest. After that we walked back to school. A wonderful afternoon was had by all!

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The Bluebell Walk

On Monday we went on our annual Bluebell walk. This year we could see where we were going! We walked across the field, through the kissing gate and along the tractor tracks through another field to the wood. The bluebells looked beautiful and the whole school stood quietly around the ‘Roundabout Tree’ listening to the sounds in the wood. After that it was back across the fields to school. We had a lovely time.

Bluebell Walk

We went on our annual bluebell walk today. We went through the ‘kissing gate’,walked through the fields then arrived in the bluebell wood, where we saw hundreds of beautiful bluebells and other flowers. We made a big circle around the listening tree, held hands and stood quietly listening to the birds and other sounds. After that we walked through the rest of the wood and back through the fields. It was great fun…