Autumn Week – Willow Weaving

In Autumn Week we learnt how to weave with willow.  We created bird feeders and snails.  We had to plait with 7 pieces of willow!

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Autumn Week

This week has been Autumn fun week! We have all done fantastic activities every day this week. In Chestnut class, leaf printing was our activity. We chose our own leaves, practised how to print them beautifully before embarking on our real pictures! Look below for pictures of our excellent art work!

Autumn Week

This week we have tried many different Design and Technology activities with the theme Autumn.We did something different every day with a different teacher in a different classroom! Miss Bryce did willow weaving, Miss Cartright did leaf printing, Mrs Stanley made Autumn mobiles, Mrs Osborn made apple crumbles and Mrs Hobbs did Environmental art in the forest. It was great fun!

We even had a Halloween theme on Friday. Can you guess what this is?

Autumn Week

During Autumn week we all had a chance to experience working in a different class with different children and teachers. We did some wonderful activities like Willow weaving, making apple crumble, Environmental Art in the forest, leaf printing and in Elm class we had a go at making Autumn mobiles using willow and lots of Autumn gifts like conkers, pine cones and beautiful leaves ~ here are some photgraphs of how we made them…

When they were finished they looked great…

Autumn Week

We started the week by collecting and sorting leaves, we found some beautiful colours.

We went to visit Broomfields Farm Shop and Orchard

Mr Broomfield let us pick our own apples from the tree -Thank you Mr Broomfield.
He also let us look around the shop at all the fruit and vegetables – we got a bit cold in the cold storage room!