Room on the Broom Day

We had a fun day! We dressed up in our Halloween costumes, made wands, baked star biscuits and made magic potions.

Hanbury Hall

We had a lovely day out at Hanbury Hall, last Thursday. The weather was beautiful and we had great fun looking at everything.

Before lunch we looked at the Mirror pond, bee hives, ice house and orangery. We especially enjoyed looking for all the 3D shapes in the amazing  garden. We recognised quite a lot of the vegetables too but we couldn’t get any of the coins out of the Money tree!

After lunch, we played in the play area and then enjoyed an ice cream, to cool down.

Finally, we explored all the rooms in the magnificent house. It was amazing how many mice there were!

The children were beautifully behaved and were a credit to our school. Well done children!The gallery was not found.

Hanbury Hall

We had an awesome day at Hanbury Hall last Thursday. We were all wowed when we arrived by the Magnificent building at the end of the drive.

First we ate our snack underneath the trees, before setting off to investigate the grounds. We took a short walk, visited The Ice House and The Mushroom House. We walked through some beautiful gardens, an orchard, an orangery and a very impressive vegetable garden. We visited a 350 year old money tree, that still had coins secretly held in it’s bark. We all held hands to form a large circle around it. Before lunch we had time to play in the children’s play area.

After eating our lunch, we were able to go into Hanbury Hall itself; it was amazing, with so much to see and with some very interesting guides to explain secrets about the house.

We all had such a lovely day. We made our teachers very proud indeed!

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Trip Week

We’ve had a lovely week for trips! On Tuesday we went to Hanbury Hall. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed wandering round the house, playing in the playground and getting a little bit lost on a walk! Everyone had a fantastic time and we enjoyed keeping cool in the afternoon with an ice cream!

On Wednesday we went to Chawson for the annual music festival. It had a circus theme and we all looked fantastic in our costumes. We sung lots of songs, danced, juggled and even did a very long conga!

All the children have behaved excellently on both trips and we are so proud of them. They are a credit to the school and a pleasure to take out and about! Well done Reception.

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Farm to Fork

On Friday the children went to visit Tesco to find out how different foods get to the store and find out where they came from. It was great fun.

We looked at different sorts of fish and shell fish on the fish counter, tried three different cheeses (they were delicious!) and made fruit kebabs, that we ate.

We also went in the freezer. That was very, very cold!  We even saw Jaden’s Dad. Thank you very much Tescos.The gallery was not found.


The children have really enjoyed their ‘Growing’ topic this term.

We found out what cress seeds need to germinate. The tree that we have followed each month, throughout the year, has really changed and the bean seeds that we planted have grown so much that they could reach up to the land of the clouds!

And we have grown too!


Stone Age Day

Key stage Two have started their topic of Stone Age with a very exciting visit from Paul and Helen, who taught us a lot about the lives of Stone Age People who lived in our country thousands  of years ago.

We found out about the three time periods of the Stone Age and how the people developed from Hunter gatherers into Farmers. How they moved from living in caves to building their own houses and villages. 

During the day, we carried out a ‘Mammoth Hunt’, learnt how weapons and tools were made and how their homes were built. We found out how they buried their dead and learnt how to be Archaeologists and had to solve a murder mystery. We even had a go at ‘Cave drawing’.

It was a great day and we really learnt a lot to start us off on our new topic.

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Bluebell Walk

The annual Bluebell Walk took place this week. It was a beautiful morning and we walked through the fields of Rape flowers until we reached the Bluebell Wood. Then we all joined into one whole school circle around the Roundabout tree. We listened very carefully to what we could hear in the woods. The Bluebells were beautiful too! Then we walked back to school for lunch. What a lovely way to spend the morning! The gallery was not found.

Bluebell Walk

Today, we went on our annual bluebell walk. We enjoyed feeling very small through the Rapeseed flowers but we got a bit hot walking up to the woods! We paused at the listening tree, where we all stood quietly for a minute to appreciate the natural sounds all around us, before heading back to school in time for lunch. We also did a nature hunt on the way back and most of us ticked off almost everything.  What a lovely way to spend a morning!

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Bluebell Walk

Today, we went on our annual bluebell walk. It was a beautiful morning for a walk through the Rape flower fields followed by a stroll though the bluebell wood. We paused at the listening tree, where we all stood quietly for a minute to appreciate the natural sounds all around us, before heading back to school in time for lunch. What a lovely way to spend a morning!

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Bell Boating

Key stage 2 had a fantastic day on the Droitwich Canals, Bell Boating. 

We started the day by getting kitted out with our life jackets and paddles, before boarding our boats in our teams. It wasn’t a race; but some of us were quite competitive, while others just enjoyed a chilled meander down the canal!

It was a hard days’ work, rowing, steering and navigating the canal; but we all worked together as a team and had a wonderful day. The weather was very kind ~ only raining once and hailing once and  the sun joined us for most of the day!

We saw some local wildlife including a mother duck with her six ducklings. It was lovely to be able to appreciate some of our beautiful, local countryside. 

Thank you to everyone who came to join us, we hope you enjoyed it too!

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