Physical Education Funding 2014/15

Physical Education Funding 2014/15

Government funding is continuing for the year 2014/15 to improve provision of PE and Sport in primary schools.

Objectives for 2014/15

1. To provide quality professional development for teaching staff to enhance their skills, in identified areas. This year the focus will be Swimming for Key Stage 2 teachers and Games for Key Stage 1 teachers.

2. To provide consistent good quality PE teaching throughout school. This will involve the use of quality sports coaches for teaching PE lessons in Key Stage 2, working alongside the class teacher so that both children and teachers can develop their skills even further. Coaches to be used are from Ombersley Tennis Club, Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Kidderminster Harriers, Worcester Warriors and Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

3. To use quality coaches to provide taster sessions for Key Stage 1 children m- Tennis, Golf, Tag Rugby, Cricket.

4. To join with schools in the Droitwich Schools Sports’ Partnership to employ a specialist sports teacher to organise competitions and festivals.

5. To work collaboratively with other schools in the pyramid, local clubs and outside agencies to further develop PE and sport opportunities for all children.

6. To audit and enhance resources ensuring children have access to high quality provision to enable them to develop their physical skills and well being. Playtime equipment to be bought and a new shed in which to keep the equipment. Wall bars to be purchased for the hall.

7. To increase the provision for gifted and talented children, through the use of specialist coaching and inter school sporting competitions.

8. To organise Sport’s activity days to raise the profile of a range of sports.

9. To introduce Yoga sessions to Key Stage 1 children, using a qualified coach, during curriculum time.

10. To provide funding for a coach for After school club once a week.

11. To increase the number of children participating in after school clubs by continuing to provide clubs in popular activities eg Tennis as well as introducing a greater variety of clubs eg. Yoga, Rebound

12. To provide part funding for the residential visit by Year 4 children to the Pioneer Activity Centre.

13. Funding to be provided for PP children to attend after school clubs.

14. Funding for G and T children to attend clubs.

Expected Impact 1. Outstanding PE throughout the school. 2. Development of staff PE skills. 3. Opportunities for regular inter school tournaments. 4. Children engaged and fully active at lunchtimes, using new equipment. 5. Children enjoy PE lessons and understand the importance of keeping healthy.

PE Grant Expenditure Report to parents 2015

July 2015 ~ Sports Day

What a lovely sunny morning it was for our annual school Sports’ Day. The children arrived in school in red, blue, yellow and green tee shirts, ready to represent their house.

Throughout the morning the children participated in running, skipping, egg and spoon, angel, dressing up and beanbag races with the grand finale ‘The Ombersley Marathon’ for the Key Stage 2 children. The races were very competitive but all the children participated with enthusiasm with great support from all the parents that came to watch.

And the final results was a win for Sapphire House. Well done everyone and thank you to everyone who came to help and support. The gallery was not found.

June 2015 ~ Tennis Taster Sessions for Key Stage 1

On Wednesday June 24th Key Stage 1 went over to Ombersley Tennis Club for a tennis session, with the coach Luke Pettit. We did some warm up activities and then we had a go over the nets with the tennis rackets. It was great fun and we were quite good at hitting the ball too! Some future Andy Murray’s in the making!

June 2015 ~ Cluster Sports

On Friday June 19th, Ombersley hosted the Cluster Sports day, after a break of three years! We had a very enjoyable morning with Hindlip First School and Tibberton First school. The children competed in the flat race, sack race, egg and spoon, skipping, dressing up and beanbag race. Then at the end of the morning relay teams from each school had a very exciting race and we ended with the ‘Ombersley Marathon’.

The children tried very hard and encouraged and cheered their team mates. At the end of the races, the points were counted and the results were announced… Ombersley came first, Tibberton second and Hindlip third. Well done Ombersley!The gallery was not found.

June 2015 ~ Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 Tri Golf Tournament

The children in Year 2 had great fun this week trying out Golf. Ashley from Gaudet Luce Golf Club came and organised a Tri Golf tournament for us. We had to do pitching and putting and be really accurate with our shots. The Year 4 children helped us and kept our scores. The gallery was not found.

June 2015  ~ Year 1 Gymnastics Festival

Ten children from Year 1 were chosen to take part in a Gymnastics festival at Sytchampton First school, with Year 1 children from two other schools in the pyramid. They had a great morning and are looking forward to trying out some of their new moves on our new apparatus.


May 2015 ~ Mini Red Tennis Competition

Four children, Emma, Chloe, Daniel and Jaiyden, were chosen to take part in the School Games Mini Red Tennis Tennis competition at Boughton Park Tennis Club. The children played singles matches against four other schools from Droitwich and Worcvester: St. Peters First, St Josephs RC , St. Joseph’s C of E and Dines Green. The team had several wins and finished fourth with 110 points. The children had a great afternoon and some great competition. Well done children!

April 2015 ~ Key Stage 2 BellBoating

What a wonderful experience year 3 and 4 had Bell boating on the Droitwich canals. We had to work as a team and row together. The weather was perfect and all the children and teachers worked really hard all day. It was a very enjoyable day, but by the end of it we were very tired, but proud of our days rowing. The gallery was not found. 

March 2015 ~ Year 4 Tri Golf Festival

Tri GolfThe children in Year 4 took part in a Tri Golf festival at Gaudet Luce Golf Club. The children were put into 4 teams of 5 and had to complete different activities, using the skills they had learnt in their Golf sessions, earlier in the year. The scores were all added up and the girls team (The Gorgeous Girls!) of Chloe, Emily, Lymara, Mia and Emma won. All the first schools have taken part in a similar event and the winning team will go through to the next round! The gallery was not found. 

March 2015 ~ Tag Rugby Year 2

The Year 2 children enjoyed an afternoon of Tag Rugby with Worcester Warriors. They learnt how to throw a rugby ball and took part in mini games. They are looking forward to learning more next year, in their Games lessons, when they are in Year 3.

March 2015 ~ Year 4 Athletics Festival

All the Year 4 children took part in an Athletics festival organised by the students of Worcester University. It was great fun and we learnt a lot of new skills too. The gallery was not found.

Spring 2 2015 ~ Tag Rugby

Worcester Warriors have been in school in the Key Stage 2 Games lessons this half term, introducing new skills to Year 3 and building on the skills the Year 4 children learnt last year. They have had great fun with Sam, the coach.

Spring Term 2015 ~ Yoga – Reception, Year 1 and 2

Throughout the Spring term Reception, Years 1 and 2 have been having Yoga lessons with Mrs Rusby. We have learnt how to do Happy Cat, mountain, Butterfly and lots of other different moves too. It is great fun!

Spring 1 2015 ~ Football Key Stage 2

This term Key Stage 2 have learnt a lot a lot of new skills in their sessions with Kidderminster Harriers football club.

Autumn 2 2014 ~ Golf Key Stage 2

The children in Key Stage 2 having been having Golf Lessons during their Games sessions this half term, with Russell from Gaudet Luce Golf Club. It’s great fun and we are learning lots of new skills too. Look at our golf swing!The gallery was not found.

Autumn 1 2014 ~ Tennis Key Stage 2

Key Stage have started off the year with tennis coaching at Ombersley Tennis Club during their Thursday afternoon Games lessons, with head coach Luke Pettit. The children have continued to improve on the skills they learnt last year. The term ended with an Ombersley School tennis tournament. It was great fun!