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Physical Education Funding 2018/19

Vision For Physical Education

At Ombersley Endowed First School, we believe that Health and Well Being is paramount. Physical Education and Sport play a vital role in the physical, emotional and intellectual development of all children. Physical Education and sport is so important in giving children the knowledge, understanding and the tools to make informed choices about healthy living and to have a positive impact on their health and well being.

As part of our vision, we aim to;

  • Improve the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity.
  • Raise the profile of PE and sport across the whole school as a tool for whole school improvement.
  • Offer a broader experience of a range of sports and activities to all pupils.
  • Increase participation in competitive sport.
  • Increase confidence, knowledge and skills of our staff in teaching PE.

PE and Physical Activity at Ombersley

We aim for children in Reception to achieve the Physical Development Early Learning Goal.
KS1 and KS2 work towards meeting the attainment targets set out in the National Curriculum and the children have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of physical activity with the teachers and specialist coaches.
In addition to the traditional sports being played at school, we also invite in coaches to deliver their specialist sport, such as Golf and Yoga. These sessions with external coaches also contribute towards staff CPD as they take place during curriculum time.
Year 3  and 4 swimming sessions take place at Droitwich Leisure Centre in the Autumn term and then Year 2 and Year 3 have swimming sessions in the Summer term.

This is how we will be spending our money this year.

PE report End of year 2018-19

Have a look at what we will be doing throughout the year.

Curriculum map for website 2018-19

PE progression of skills at Ombersley

PE and Sport at Ombersley 2018/19

Summer 2 ~ Sports Day 2019

What another great Sports Day! The sun shone, the house gazebos were set up and everything was ready.

The Year 4 house captains led their houses in a mass school warm up to start the proceedings.

There then followed running , skipping, sack, egg and spoon, beanbag and dressing up races for each of the year groups. It was great fun and very competitive.

The final races for the children were the House relay and Key Stage 2 Ombersley Marathon.

While the scores were added up our young visitors had a running race and the Mums and Dads were persuaded to do the sack race, by their children.

Finally the results were announced and Ruby house won! Well done to Ruby house, everyone who competed and all the parents who came and supported and cheered. It was a lovely morning, made even better by our DJ from Kings Hawford school. Thank you. 

Summer 2 ~ Cluster Sports

Ombersley had a very successful morning at the Cluster Sports 2019 taking part in different events against Hindlip First school and Tibberton First school. After a morning of exciting races all the scores were added up and Ombersley came first!

Well done to all the children who took part in events throughout the morning. There was some great support too from all the children. 

Summer 2 ~ Dance Festival

Year 3 took part in the Dance Festival at Droitwich High School. They performed their Ancient Egyptian dance in front of other Droitwich first schools. Their dance was amazing and they all made us very proud with their beautiful behaviour.

Summer 2 ~ Maypole dancing

The Key Stage 2 children performed beautifully at the annual Church and School fete. We were very proud of them.

Summer 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Bell Boating day

What a fantastic day year 3 and 4 had today Bell Boating. We rowed all day; from Vines Park all the way to Ladywood! It was hard work, but each boat worked as a team and helped each other to keep going.

We stopped for lunch at Ladywood Lock and experienced what it is like to go through a lock.

The weather was beautiful all day too. Well done everyone. Excellent collaboration! 

Summer 2 ~ Year 4 Cricket Competition

Well done to the Year 4 children who took part in the Droitwich School’s Cricket competition, at Droitwich Cricket Club.

The children fielded really well and there were some great 4s scored in the batting. 

Summer 1 ~ School Games Level 2 Tri Golf Competition

Ten children from Year 3 and 4 were chosen to take part in a School Games Level 2 Tri Golf competition at Worcester Golf Range. There were six other schools there from, across the Droitwich and Worcester area who had all won smaller competitions.

The children had to complete six different activities and then all the scores were added up. And we came second, narrowly missing out on first place! What an achievement for such a small school! The children were amazing and used all the skills they had learnt in their golf lessons this year. Well done! Mrs Hobbs was very proud of you all. 

Summer 1 ~ Key Stage 2 Cricket lessons

The Key Stage 2 children have enjoyed working on their cricket skills this half term, with a coach from Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

In the final session there was a House Cricket competition. It was great fun and all the children enjoyed it.

Summer 1 ~ Key Stage 1 Tri Golf lessons 

Key Stage 1 have made a great start with learning the skills they need to play Tri Golf. 

Spring 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Tri Golf lessons

The Year 3 and 4 children have really loved their Golf lessons this term. All the children have enjoyed learning a new skill and are looking forward to entering the School games competition to demonstrate  their skills.

Look at us in the newspaper!

Youngsters from Ombersley First and Pre-School win haul of medals in Jump Rope championships

And look at our skipping coach Stacie on Britain’s Got Talent!

Spring 2 ~ Jump Rope School Championships

What a great time the skipping club had at their first ever Jump Rope School Championships!

The children had been well trained by their coach Stacie and took part in 30 second speed, 30 second crosses, 30 second jumping, 30 second double dutch speed, long rope challenge and at the very end performed a whole school skipping routine. All the children were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

Finally at the end of the day medals were awarded to all the winners. Ombersley won an amazing 4, 1st place medals and 5, 3rd place medals and that didn’t include the two won by Mrs Hills! Congratulations to everyone.

Spring 2 ~ Year 4 Outdoor Activities

Olivia, Mia, Rose, Charlotte, Jacob and Louie had a great morning at The Aztec Centre at Upton warren, taking part in Archery and using the Climbing Wall with other schools from the Droitwich Pyramid. 

Although it was a bit wet the children really enjoyed themselves.

Spring 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Droitwich Schools’ Cross Country competition

The children had an exhausting morning at Wychbold First School competing against some strong competition, in the Droitwich Schools’ Cross Country competition, at Wychbold First school. Fortunately the rain stayed away and the race could go ahead!

There were some great performances from Agatha 2nd, Daisy 9th and Holly 10th in the Girls’ race and Jaden 3rd, Matthew 8th and Toby 9th in the Boys’ race.

Well done to Sebastian, Daisy, Holly, Jaden, Matthew, Kara, Joseph, Rose, Sam, Agatha, Toby, Archie, Jogiya, Mia and Alfie. 

Spring 1 ~ Key Stage 2 Dance

This term, the Key Stage 2 children have been working with a dance coach in from Dance Fest, during their PE lessons. They have been creating an Egyptian dance together, that they hope to perform at the Droitwich Dance Festival later in the year. 

Spring 1 ~ Year 1 Gymnastics Festival

Twelve Year 1 children had a fantastic afternoon of Gymnastics at Sytchampton Primary school, with other Year 1 children from the Droitwich pyramid.

The children performed balances on the mats and on the apparatus and found different ways to travel to a table top and leave with a jump and a roll.

Well done to all the Year 1 children who took part.

Spring 1 ~ Year 4 Droitwich Pyramid Archery festival

Eight children attended the Droitwich Pyramid Archery festival at Droitwich Leisure Centre. The children learnt to fire the arrows properly, score and took part in a competition against five other schools. The children loved the session and were a credit to Ombersley First school. Well done Flyn, Harriet, Georgina, Jogiya, Jacob, Olivia, Jake and Elliot.

Spring 1 ~ Key Stage 1 Yoga

The children in Year 2 have loved their  lessons of Yoga with Mrs Rusby. They remembered what they did when they were in Year 1 and now they are learning lots of new positions.

Autumn 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Rugby

In the second half of the Autumn Term the Key Stage 2 children had Tag Rugby coaching during their PE lessons, with a coach from Worcester Warriors.  They learnt it was important to play as a team and work together and then finished the sessions with KS2 house matches. 

Autumn 2 ~ Key Stage 2 Boccia tournament

The children in Year 3 really enjoyed the Boccia tournament at St Peter’s first school. there was some really accurate throwing and some tactical throws too. Well done to Ombersley Team 1 who were unbeaten throughout the tournament.

Autumn 1 ~ Year 2 Droitwich schools’ Multiskills festival

The Year 2 children had a really fun morning taking part in the Year 2 Multiskills festival at Droitwich Leisure Centre, with 6 other schools from the Droitwich pyramid. The children took part in the sprint, space hopper, sack, rugby run and skipping races. 

At the end of the morning Ombersley came in first position! Well done children. You were fantastic and really supported and encouraged each other too. What superstars you are!

Autumn 1 ~ School Games New Age Kurling Key Stage 2 tournament

Well done to the four Year 3 children who took part in the School Games New Age Kurling Key Stage 2 tournament at Regency High School. The children had a really good afternoon trying a sport that was totally new to them. They were a credit to Ombersley school. Well done Joseph, Joseph, Finley and Ruby. 

Autumn 1 ~ Key Stage 2 Tennis 

Year 3 and 4  enjoyed practising their tennis skills at Ombersley Tennis club during the first half term. The children finished with a mini house tournament – they were very evenly matched as it was a draw between 3 of the houses at the end.

Autumn 1 ~ Year 3 Football Festival

Six children from Year 3 took part in the Droitwich Pyramid Football Festival at Droitwich Football Club. The children all looked very smart in their new purple football kit.

The children played 6 matches throughout the afternoon and won four of their matches. There were some very competitive matches and all the children played with a great sporting attitude. I was very proud of them all. They were a credit to Ombersley school. Well done Kara, Alfie, Toby, Matthew, Sebastian and Ethan. 

Physical Education Funding 2017/18

Purpose, Vision, Objective, Accountability and Best Practice

Purpose of funding:

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this

All pupils leaving primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

To achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport in primary schools.

We would expect indicators of such improvement to include:

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Increased participation in competitive sport


Our focus for this year is to maintain the excellent PE provision that the children have accessed over the last three years, in Key Stage 2, and increase provision for Key Stage 1 children.

1. To provide quality professional development for teaching staff to enhance their skills, in identified areas.

2. To provide consistent good quality PE teaching throughout school. This will involve the use of quality sports coaches for teaching PE lessons in Key Stage 2, working alongside the class teacher so that both children and teachers can develop their skills even further. Coaches to be used are from Ombersley Tennis Club, Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Footybugs, Yoga Well Being and Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

3. To use quality coaches for teaching PE lessons in Key Stage 1 and Reception, working alongside the teachers. Coaches to be used for these children are from Footybugs, Gaudet Luce Golf Club and Yoga Well Being as well as taster sessions in Tennis,  Tag Rugby and Cricket.

4. To join with schools in the Droitwich Schools Sports’ Partnership to fund a teacher, to organise competitions and festivals. All year groups to have the opportunity to take part in at least one competition or festival. Specific groups of children to be targeted for further events.

5. To work collaboratively with other schools in the pyramid, local clubs and outside agencies to further develop PE and sport opportunities for all children.

6. To audit and enhance resources ensuring children have access to high quality provision to enable them to develop their physical skills and well being. Playtime equipment to be audited and new equipment bought.

7. To increase the provision for gifted and talented children, through the use of specialist coaching and inter school sporting competitions.

8. To organise Sport’s activity days to raise the profile of a range of sports.

9. To continue Yoga sessions for Key Stage 1 children and also Reception, using a qualified coach, during curriculum time, for the children’s well being. Yoga also introduced to Key Stage 2 children in curriculum time.

10. To provide funding for a coach for After school club once a week, to provide opportunities for children of different ages to access a club.

11. To increase the number of children participating in after school clubs by continuing to provide clubs in popular activities eg Tennis as well as introducing a greater variety of clubs eg. Football, Multiskills, Cricket/Rounders. Pupil Premium children to be offered funding to attend Sports’ Clubs.

12. To look at the impact of PE and Sports funding on PE at Ombersley First School, through the use of Pupil questionnaires.

Expected Impact 1. Outstanding PE throughout the school. 2. Development of staff PE skills. 3. Opportunities for regular inter school tournaments. 4. Children engaged and fully active at lunchtimes, using new equipment. 5. Children enjoy PE lessons and understand the importance of keeping healthy.

This is how we will be spending our PE and Sport Premium this year.

PE report 2017-18 July 2018

Have a look at what we will be doing throughout the year.

Curriculum map for website 2017-18

Summer 2 ~ Worcester School Games Swimming Gala

Aggie, Charlotte, Sam and Alex joined with 8 other children from Sytchampton and Hindlip to make a Droitwich team, which we named OSH!

The children took part in individual races and team relays and had a fantastic afternoon. At half time we were 11th out of 15 teams but after a very strong second half we finished in 7th position which was a fantastic achievement competing against such big schools as Pitmaston Primary school, the winners and Northwick Manor primary school who came second. Well done everyone. You were a credit to Ombersley school.

School Games award

Well done Ombersley! We have been awarded the School Games Bronze mark award again for the academic year 2017/18. 

The School Games Mark is a Government led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.

Well done everyone!

School Sports Day 2018

What a fantastic morning of sports it was! The weather was perfect and the children competed sportingly in their races.

The children competed for their houses in the flat race, egg and spoon race, sack race, dressing up race, beanbag race and finished with the house relay and Ombersley Marathon.

After our young visitor’s race and Mum’s and Dad’s sack race all the points were added up and the winners announced. Ruby house were the winners!

Afterwards all the children joined their parents for a picnic. It was the perfect end to a perfect morning.

Thank you to all the parents who came and supported and helped out doing the many jobs.

Cluster Sports 2018

On a gloriously hot, sunny, Friday morning Ombersley competed against Tibberton and Hindlip First schools in the annual Cluster Sports Day.

Gazebos were set up so we didn’t get too hot and with suncream applied, water bottles filled up and sun hats on the competition began. The children took part in the flat race, egg and spoon race, sack race and skipping race before the interval. The scores were announced after the break and Ombersley were narrowly ahead.

It was all to play for  after the break. The children then competed in the dressing up race, beanbag race and school relay with a grand finale of The Ombersley Marathon. The Ombersley children were very impressive in this event and won both the girls and boys races.

When the points were added up the final result was Ombersley 1st, Hindlip 2nd and Tibberton 3rd.

Well done to all the children who competed in events, the children who supported and cheered everyone on and all the helpers. Thank you. It was a wonderful event. 

Summer 2 ~ Year 3/4 School Games Tennis tournament

Well done to the Year 3 children, Agatha and Evie, and the Year 4 children, Daniel and Matthew, who took part in the School Games Mini Red Tennis competition today. 

The children played matches against 5 other Worcester schools and really enjoyed their morning. They all tried really hard, showed all the School Games values and made me very proud. Well done children.

Summer 1 ~ Year 4 Cricket Tournament

Eight children from Year 4 were chosen to take part in the Droitwich Pyramid Cricket Tournament. They used all the skills they had learnt in their Cricket lessons and won!

Well done to Daniel, Dylan, Matthew, Sam, Hayden G, Hayden B, Lexus and Rosie. You were a credit to Ombersley First School.

Summer 1 ~ Cricket Key Stage 2

The children have really enjoyed their Cricket lessons with the coach from Worcestershire County Cricket Club. Their batting fielding and bowling has improved so much!

Summer 1 ~ Jump Rope UK

The whole school enjoyed their Skipping Day last Friday. This was funded by the School Sports Premium.

Coach Mark, from Jump Rope UK, came and spent the day in school, working with each class, to show them new moves and tricks. 

At the and of the day some of the children performed their moves to the parents and Coach Stacey showed us how amazing she was at skipping! Hopefully the children will be practising all their new moves at play times with the class set of ropes that have been purchased too. We are all trying to get much fitter! 

Summer 1 ~ Yoga Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 are really enjoying their sessions with Mrs Rusby this half term. The children have remembered what they did last year and are learning new positions too. It is really helping the children to relax and be calm!

Summer 1 ~ Cross Country competition

Well done to all the Year 3 and 4 children who represented Ombersley First school in the Droitwich pyramid Cross Country competition at Wychbold First school. You were a credit to our school. A special congratulations to Alex who came first and Daniel who came third in the Boys race. Well done Yasmin, Aggie, Evie, Oliver, Matthew, Sam, Jaden, Dylan, Alex and Daniel!

Summer 1 ~ Key Stage 2 Bellboating

Year 3 and 4 had an amazing day bell boating on the Droitwich canal on Monday.

The children learned lots of new skills including rowing forward and backward and steering using the paddles. They also tried rowing whilst standing up. Each boat worked together as a team. It was very hard work, but they had a wonderful day.

Spring 2 ~ Gymnastics Year 1

Twelve children were selected from Year 1 to take part in a Gymnastics festival with other schools in the Droitwich pyramid. After a warm up the children tried different pieces of apparatus and floor work. The children showcased their talents at the end of the afternoon. Everyone was very impressed with the Gymnastic skills displayed by the Ombersley children. Well done Year 1. You were a credit to our school.

Spring 2 ~ Football Key Stage 1

This half term the children in Key Stage 1 have been working hard to improve their football skills, with Tom from FootieBugs. They loved all the cat and mouse games to practice their skills and then in the last session had a go at playing matches. 

Spring 2 ~ Archery Year 4

Twelve children, from Year 4,  were chosen to take part in an Archery festival with other schools in the Droitwich pyramid. Some of the children even got a bull’s eye! 

Spring 1 ~ Dance Key Stage 1

All the Year 1 and Year 2 children took part in Street Dance sessions after Christmas in their PE lessons. Natalie taught them all sorts of ‘cool moves’ and ‘freezes’ and we learnt two dances which we performed in the last session. The children loved it! 

Spring 1 ~ Yoga Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 loved their Yoga sessions with Mrs Rusby from YogaWellBeing. They learnt lots of new moves and were much calmer afterwards 

Well done Ombersley Endowed First School! Ombersley First school have been awarded the Bronze School games award for their commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive sport during last year. Well done to all the children and staff who have helped to achieve this.

November 2017 ~ Year 3 Boccia competition

Six children, from Year 3, competed in a Boccia competition last week, at St. Peters First School. The aim of the game, Boccia,  is for your team to get as many balls as possible close to the white jack. Its a lot harder than it looks!Boccia team

Flyn, Mia, Charlotte, Olivia, Jacob and Georgina made up the two teams that competed ~ The Boccia Masters and Boccia Birds. The Boccia Birds won all their matches and The Boccia Masters only lost one. 

The children really enjoyed their afternoon and had some very exciting competitions. Well done everyone.

November 2017 ~ School Games Year 4 New Age Kurling competition

New Age Kurling team

Well done to the four Year 4 children who took part in the Worcester City and Droitwich School Games New Age Kurling competition at Regency High School. The children worked as a team and competed against other schools in some exciting competitions.

Well done Rebecca, Archie, Hayden and Elliot.

October 2017 ~ Year 2 Multi Skills festival

Multiskills class photo

The Year 2 children went to St. Peter’s First school on Thursday to take part in a Multi Skills festival with other Year 2 children from the Droitwich School’s pyramid.

They had a great morning taking part in Sack, Rugby Run, Sprint, Hurdles and Skipping races. There was an even a Space Hopper race!

The children had great fun, showed excellent team work and behaved beautifully. Ombersley came second! Well done children. Mrs Hobbs was very proud of you.The gallery was not found.

October 2017 ~ Year 3 Football Tournament

Football team

Seven children from Year 3 were chosen to take part in the Droitwich school’s Football tournament at Droitwich Football Club.

The children played 5 matches, throughout the afternoon, and won two drew two and lost one. There was some great goals from Jaden and good tackling and passing from the whole team.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and Mrs Hobbs was very proud of them!

Well done to Jaden, Elliot, Theo, Evie, Jake, Sam and George.

Autumn 1 2017 ~ Tennis Key Stage 2

Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed Tennis  with the new coach from Ombersley Tennis club, Mike Langston, this half term.

The children have learnt lots of new skills and played team and partner games. It has been great fun. 

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