Eco & School Council

We have a very active Eco Council at Ombersley Endowed First School. If you would like to help or have some ideas to put forward to our Eco Council please let us know.




switch it off

Switch it off Fortnight

During this event the eco-council monitor the energy for 2 weeks during the Autumn term, We will be taking part again this year We now have a print out of the previous weeks and months electricity displayed on the eco board so we are able to monitor our usage more closely. We can also closely monitor the energy generated from our solar panels with the screen in the library.
We did not take part in Earth Hour last year as it fell during a holiday but we want to include it in our plans for this year.
Any other ideas for reducing energy? Please let us know.


We continue to collect ‘Bags for school’, which raises funds for school –thank you for everyones’ support with this. The school recycles paper, cardboard and plastics using the local authority bin collection scheme. We have tried to collect ink cartridges, a second hand shop and foreign currency in the past without much success. If anyone has any good ideas for recycling, again please let us know.

Waste week

We monitored the waste we throw away in school including recycling from our classrooms and the waste in the school hall from break time and lunch. We did find the fruit weighed heavy now that we don’t compost all the fruit waste at break time. There was quite a lot of cooked food waste from the school dinners but we weren’t sure what we can do with this.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

poppySchool Grounds

We continue to maintain the maze and the willow sculpture – these are both well used by the children playing on the field. We do have some poppy seeds to plant early in the spring in the maze. The children have used the pond but we really need someone to help with the maintenance so it can be used more often.

We were hoping to begin planting a scented garden , this is still in the planning stages.

All the classes planted seeds again this year in the raised beds with varying success. The raised beds are beginning to deteriorate now and Eco council are looking at moving the beds and rebuilding for the Spring – if you have any ideas or wish to help please let us know.

RSPB birdwatch

Last year we took part in the RSPB birdwatch, we plan to do this every other year. We are always looking around for other conservation/ nature surveys or schemes the whole school can take part in if you are aware of any –let us know,

We would like more parents/grandparents/carers to help out with our school Eco council.
If you would like to help out with the gardening, start a recycling scheme or have some good ideas we would love you to join our Eco Committee.