Physical Education Funding 2015/16

Physical Education Funding 2015/16

Government funding is continuing for the year 2015/16 to improve provision of PE and Sport in primary schools.

Objectives for 2015/16

Our focus for this year is to maintain the excellent PE provision that the children have accessed over the last two years, in Key Stage 2, and increase provision for Key Stage 1 children.

1. To provide quality professional development for teaching staff to enhance their skills, in identified areas.

2. To provide consistent good quality PE teaching throughout school. This will involve the use of quality sports coaches for teaching PE lessons in Key Stage 2, working alongside the class teacher so that both children and teachers can develop their skills even further. Coaches to be used are from Ombersley Tennis Club, Gaudet Luce Golf Club, Footybugs, Worcester Warriors and Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

3. To use quality coaches for teaching PE lessons in Key Stage 1 and Reception, working alongside the teachers. Coaches to be used for these children are from Footybugs, Gaudet Luce Golf Club and Yoga Well Being as well as taster sessions in Tennis,  Tag Rugby and Cricket.

4. To join with schools in the Droitwich Schools Sports’ Partnership to fund a teacher, to organise competitions and festivals. All year groups to have the opportunity to take part in at least one competition or festival. Specific groups of children to be targeted for further events.

5. To work collaboratively with other schools in the pyramid, local clubs and outside agencies to further develop PE and sport opportunities for all children.

6. To audit and enhance resources ensuring children have access to high quality provision to enable them to develop their physical skills and well being. Playtime equipment to be audited and new equipment bought.

7. To increase the provision for gifted and talented children, through the use of specialist coaching and inter school sporting competitions.

8. To organise Sport’s activity days to raise the profile of a range of sports.

9. To continue Yoga sessions for Key Stage 1 children and also Reception, using a qualified coach, during curriculum time, for the children’s well being. To provide a Yoga Club, once a week, throughout the year.

10. To provide funding for a coach for After school club once a week.

11. To increase the number of children participating in after school clubs by continuing to provide clubs in popular activities eg Tennis as well as introducing a greater variety of clubs eg. Yoga, Rebound. Pupil Premium children to be offered funding to attend Sports’ Clubs.

12. To look at the impact of PE and Sports funding on PE at Ombersley First School, through the use of Pupil questionnaires.

Expected Impact 1. Outstanding PE throughout the school. 2. Development of staff PE skills. 3. Opportunities for regular inter school tournaments. 4. Children engaged and fully active at lunchtimes, using new equipment. 5. Children enjoy PE lessons and understand the importance of keeping healthy.

This is how we spent our PE and Sport Premium for the Year 2015/16

PE and Sport Premium 2015-16

Have a look at what we will be doing throughout the year.

Curriculum map for website 2015-16

PE Grant Expenditure 2014-15

Ombersley Sports Day

What a lovely sunny morning it was for our annual school Sports’ Day. The children arrived in school in red, blue, yellow and green tee shirts, ready to represent their house.

Throughout the morning the children participated in running, skipping, egg and spoon, dressing up, beanbag and relay races with the grand finale ‘The Ombersley Marathon’ for the Key Stage 2 children. The races were very competitive but all the children participated with enthusiasm, with great support from all the parents, that came to watch.

And the final result was a win for Ruby House!

Afterwards the children enjoyed a picnic with their families and the rain just about held off … well almost!

Well done everyone and thank you to everyone who came to help and support. 

What a great way to end our sporting year! The gallery was not found.

July 2016 ~ Cluster Sports

On Friday, we welcomed Hindlip First School and Tibberton First School to our annual Cluster Sports.

Throughout the morning the children took part in the flat race, egg and spoon race, sack race, skipping race, dressing up race, relay and marathon. It was great fun and all the children had fun cheering on their school. Fortunately the rain just about held off.

At the end of the morning the points were added up and the results announced. Hindlip were third, Tibberton second and in first place were …. Ombersley! Well done Ombersley!

Thank you to all the parents who came and supported us and helped out. The gallery was not found.

Year 1 Gymnastics Festival ~ June 2016

Eight children from Year 1, were selected to take part in a Gymnastics festival at Sytchampton First school, with children from other First schools in the pyramid. They had a great morning, trying out lots of new moves and exploring the apparatus. Look at the photos and see what fun they had!

The gallery was not found.

Summer 1 2016 ~ Key Stage 2 Cricket

Cricket team 2After half a term’s cricket coaching with the coach, Sam,  from Worcestershire County Cricket Club, eight children from Year 4 were selected to take part in a Cricket Tournament at Droitwich Cricket Club. Our first match was against St. Peter’s First School and our captain James elected to bat first. The children worked well together as pairs and scored lots of runs, including a few sixes from James, Harry and George. Unfortunately St. Peters were too strong for us.

Our second match was against Wychbold First School and again we played well, having learnt a few lessons from our first match.  We fielded very well and won.

We had to play St. Peter’s First school again in the final and after a very tight match we narrowly lost.

Well done to all the children who represented Ombersley – James, George, Harry, Sacha, Mya, Grace, Charlie and Izzy!

Key Stage 2 Golf Festival ~ May 2016

Eight children from Year 3 and Year 4 were chosen to take part in a Golf festival at Gaudet Luce Golf Club, today.

The children enjoyed taking part in three different activities. First they had a go at putting – it was a bit like crazy golf! Next they tried Foot Golf, which was very funny, and finally the children went on the driving range and had different targets to try and hit.

It was a lovely afternoon and the children had great fun!The gallery was not found.

Mini Tennis School Games competition ~ May 2016

P1030351Four Year 4 children were chosen to take part in the Mini Tennis  School Games competition at Boughton Tennis Club on Monday May 16th.

Five schools took part and the children played singles matches against them. At the end of the morning the points were added up. Ombersley came a respectable third against some much bigger primary schools and narrowly missed out on playing in the final.

Well done to Grace, Beatrice, George and Harry who were a credit to Ombersley First School and had great fun during the morning as well. Well done team!

Summer 1 2016 ~ Key Stage 1 Golf

The children in Key Stage 1 are enjoying learning new skills in their Golf sessions with the coaches from Gaudet Luce Golf Club. So far we have learnt the names of all the parts of the club and have learnt to putt and chip. We are looking forward to ending with a mini competition.

Key Stage 2 Bell Boating

Yet another fabulous trip for Key Stage 2!  

Our latest adventure was Bell boating on the Droitwich canals. We were met by Mr. Train, at the Railway Pub, where we got our life jackets on and boarded the Bell boats. We had to work really hard as a team to keep the boats moving. It wasn’t a race, but some people got quite competitive and a little bit of overtaking went on. We rowed all the way to Ladywood, stopped for lunch and then turned back. We had to paddle even harder on the way back to make up time. It was hard work, but really enjoyable. The weather was perfect too! Thank you to everyone who came along to help ~ you were amazing! The gallery was not found.

Upton Warren ~ April 2016

Six children from Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to be chosen to spend a morning at The Aztec Centre at Upton Warren. The children participated in Archery and Climbing under the close instruction of the leaders. All the children had a great time. The gallery was not found.

Gymnastics ~ Spring 2016

This term, in Gymnastics, all the children have been making great use of the new apparatus.

Spring 2 2016 ~ Key Stage 2 Rugby

The children in Key Stage 2 have enjoyed their Rugby sessions with the coaches from Worcester Warriors, this half term.

The Year 4 children have built on the skills they learnt last year and the Year 3 children have had great fun being introduced to the game of Tag Rugby.

Spring 2 2016 ~ Key Stage 1 Footie Bugs

Football with Footie Bugs has been great fun. We have loved learning new tricks and skills and playing football games.

Spring 1 2016 ~ Key Stage 2 Golf

Key Stage 2 children have started Golf lessons with Russell, the head coach from Gaudet Luce Golf Club. We are really looking forward to becoming super golfers over the next few weeks.

Spring 1 2016 ~ Key Stage 1 Yoga

We are now into our third week of Yoga with Mrs Rusby and it is great fun! We have been Eagles, Lions, Butterflies, Trees and Mountains! Have a look.

Autumn 2 2015 ~ Key Stage 2 Football

The Key Stage 2 children have enjoyed their Football sessions with FootyBugs on Thursday afternoons. Year 4 have been building on their skills  learnt last year and Year 3 have learnt lots of new skills.

October 2015 ~ Year 2 Multi Skills festival

All the children in Year 2 went to St. Peter’s First School to take part in a Multi Skills Festival. There were children from other schools in the pyramid and the children had a great morning taking part in different events. There was Rugby run, space hopper race, sack race, obstacle and skipping with a hoop. The children had to work as a team to complete the events, It was great fun! The gallery was not found.

September 2015 ~ Year 3 Football Tournament

Seven children from Year 3 were chosen to represent Ombersley First School at a Pyramid Football competition. All the children had a great afternoon competiting against local schools at Droitwich Spa Football Club. The children only had one loss and conceded only one goal, from four matches as there was some excellent defending play. The children worked together as a team and we were very proud of all of the. Well done children!football1

Autumn 1 2015 ~ Tennis Key Stage 2

The children look forward to their tennis sessions with Luke Pettit, the coach at Ombersley Tennis Club, on the tennis courts. The Year 4 children are building on the skills that they learnt in Year 3 and the Year 3 children are acquiring new skills.