All Things Wild

On Thursday, we went on our Yr 1 trip to ‘All Things Wild’ and had a wild adventure. We started the day stepping back in time to visit the Dinosaurs, they were huge. We then went to the Adventure room where we got to hold some real animals. The Snake was very scary but we all were very brave. Soon after we jetted across the globe to the outback trail where we met a kookaburra, we went inside the aviary and met some other Australian birds before we went on a wallaby walk inside their enclosure, It was very exciting to be so close to them. After lunch, we went around all the other animals. We met some Beavers, Meerkat’s, baby Goats and Emus, Zebras, Lemurs, Skunks and many more. Before we went home we dived under the sea to meet some sharks. We had a really wild day out on our trip.