Maths Week in Year R

Reception used a number of books about maths during the week. We began with ‘The Greedy Triangle’; we made lots of shapes during the day, decorated triangles to make a display and experimented with straight lines to make new shapes. (1st 7 photos)We read ‘The Number Parade’ on Tuesday and wrote out own version –come in and read it on the display in the library. We began Wednesday joining with the Nursery to play games with our parents, we all enjoyed ourselves. We read a counting book – ‘How many snails?’ and all decorated a snail with different patterns –they made a snail trail around our classroom! On Thursday we had a Number 10 day, we could only use 10 pieces of Lego to build a model, 10 shapes to make a picture or 10 colours  to paint a picture – we did lots of counting that day!  We all enjoyed doing the School Maths Trail that Key Stage 2 wrote; we did lots of measuring and counting. Friday was Halloween day and we played lots of Halloween number games especially on the computers. We learnt a new song  ‘5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate’ and did lots of skeleton dancing!