Severn Valley Railway Evacuation

On Wednesday we arrived at school in our World War II costumes ready for an exciting day. We had our identity cards and gas masks with us. Some of us had even packed a suitcase.

After we arrived at Kidderminster station we travelled on a steam train and were evacuated to Highley. On the way we had our ID cards checked and stamped. Poor Miss Smith had forgotten hers and was arrested!

Some of the children were chosen to go and live on the farm and others were chosen to go and live at the big house. The children were not sure if they would really have to go!

When we arrived at the Engine House we were split into three groups to try out some different activities. We tried some of the games that children in World War II would have played. We tried some of the jobs the evacuees would have had to help with. The washing was hard work and the boys didn’t fancy having to empty the toilet! We loved the Anderson shelter especially when some of the children banged on the roof to make it sound like bombs.

After lunch we learnt about firefighting. Mrs Pittaway wasn’t a very good aim with her hose! Then we travelled back to Kidderminster by train.

It was a brilliant day and we could really imagine how scary it might have been to be sent away from home. Just like Lenny in our story, The Lion and the Unicorn. The children behaved beautifully and we were very proud of them. Many of the public commented on our fantastic children. Well done everyone.

Have a look at the photos of our day. There are also some photos on the Year 3 page too.