Warwick Castle

We had a fantastic day at Warwick Castle. We started the day down in the dungeon before we made our way to find out how to make a King. We loved looking at the wax models but the moving horse made us jump a bit. After we had learnt how to become king we made our way to find Princess Millie who told us a story all about a brave knight and a fierce dragon. She told us all about how knights had a shield to protect them and how the designs showed off our family name. We designed our own shields which, when we get back to school, we will turn into real wooden ones. Leaving the princess we made our way to the Falconers Quest where we met Hobby who dreamed of becoming the head falconer at Warwick. He introduced us to some of his birds in an epic show. We saw owls, eagles, hawks, falcons and a condor. They flew so close to our heads it took our breath away. We loved the finale where over 70 birds took to the sky above us swooping and diving all around. We then moved to explore the inside of the castle and met Daisy who lived at Warwick many years ago. When we came out we were very lucky to get the chance to hold a real sword but Mr Postans and Mrs Moore were less impressed when they got their heads chopped off. We ended our fantastic day racing through time in the Horrible Histories maze collecting our time stamps along the way, However Mrs Pittaway and Miss Ballard got a little lost.
We had a fantastic day at Warwick and the children were all exceptionally well behaved.