Learning about the canals

Volunteers from the Canal Rivers trust  -Roger and  David came to tell us more about the history and importance of canals. We found out why canals where so important to the history of Britain and its industrial heritage. We played out a story of a farmer selling his pots, transporting them by horse and cart, building a canal with the help of James Brindley to improve the transport links and then the decline of the canals because of the railways.

We also had a visit from  Alice Fallon, Education Officer from the Severn River Trust who told us abut the life cycle of the shad, which used to thrive in the River Severn but has struggled to breed because of the weirs built at Holt, Lincomb and Diglis and thought to have died out in 1844. However a number are returning to the river and the Trust has plans to build special pathways which will help the shad to find its way back up stream to breed at Welshpool and hopefully return to the river in larger numbers.

Roger and  David took a water safety assembly for the whole school, reminding us of the dangers of being near rivers and canals. We learnt to STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE and to think carefully of what we are doing when we are near water. Everyone enjoyed the assembly -thank you to the Canal River Trust.