Trip to the River Severn at Worcester

KS2 went to Worcester to see the River Severn and the Worcester/Birmingham canal. We were met by volunteers from the Canal and River trust who reminded us of water safety before we walked by the river. Year 3 went on the river boat while we walked along the side of the river to the Diglis Basin. We had been learning about floods and noticed the walls and high steps up to the houses to keep the river out

When we got to Diglis we crossed the canal and found out about the history of the canal and its links to the river. A narrow boat was travelling to the river and let us open the lock for them – luckily Roger and Gill had a windlass and showed us how to do it – it wasn’t as easy as we thought! On the way back to the boat we saw the flood levels that have been recorded -the last one was 2014.

On the riverboat – The Earl, Jake, the skipper took us down the river under the 3 bridges. We saw the cathedral, the Hive and the racecourse as well as lots of wildlife especially swans. Then we went up to see the River Lock, where we had walked earlier. After the boat we had a picnic lunch by the side of the river and then sketched the bridge and the river. We had a great day -thank you Jake and the Canal River Trust.