Space adventure

Year 1 had a fantastic day at the National Space Centre.

We started the day in the planetarium, we watched an amazing show about Astronauts and how they survive in space. After this we went out to look at all the interactive hands on exhibits. We started with the planets we saw a giant earth model. Looked through a telescope and even drove a Mars rover.

After lunch we went into the rocket tower we could not believe how big they were. We rode the lift to the very top and saw a bit of the actual moon. We also saw a 1960’s house we were amazed that TV’s had no colour and telephones had a cord. We then went down to explore life in space, we built a rocket and went inside the International Space Station. We even saw a space toilet. The last part we discovered was the universe. We went into the star gallery, met some aliens, discovered gravity and a blackhole. We also as a special treat got to see the Mars Rover BRUNO that will be going into Space next year.

Mr Postans and Mrs Horton and all the staff were very proud of all of Year 1. You were a complete credit to Ombersley.