Maths Trail around Ombersley

Over 80 children, parents, grandparents, and friends took part in our Maths Trail around Ombersley village – even Otis took part, can you spot him in the photos?  We were lucky with the weather and everyone was very enthusiastic to check their answers when they returned to school. Some had trouble finding all the clues especially the gravestone of the previous Head master of Ombersley School Thomas Ernest Styles MBE.

We had some very positive comments from parents who said they had enjoyed finding out more about Ombersley. If you missed the trail and would like to try it for yourself please ask Mrs Osborn for a copy.

Making a whole school 100 square.

We began our Maths week with a special Maths assembly; every child was given a number from 1 to 100 and then asked to get themselves in lines of 10 in order to make a human 100 square. There was lots of talking about which number went where and the teachers were challenged to find a few missing numbers! It was a great start to our fantastic week.

We all had a great week – thank you to the staff for all their organising and making the week so much fun, please come in and look at the great display in the library.


Maths Week in Year R

Reception used a number of books about maths during the week. We began with ‘The Greedy Triangle’; we made lots of shapes during the day, decorated triangles to make a display and experimented with straight lines to make new shapes. (1st 7 photos)We read ‘The Number Parade’ on Tuesday and wrote out own version –come in and read it on the display in the library. We began Wednesday joining with the Nursery to play games with our parents, we all enjoyed ourselves. We read a counting book – ‘How many snails?’ and all decorated a snail with different patterns –they made a snail trail around our classroom! On Thursday we had a Number 10 day, we could only use 10 pieces of Lego to build a model, 10 shapes to make a picture or 10 colours  to paint a picture – we did lots of counting that day!  We all enjoyed doing the School Maths Trail that Key Stage 2 wrote; we did lots of measuring and counting. Friday was Halloween day and we played lots of Halloween number games especially on the computers. We learnt a new song  ‘5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate’ and did lots of skeleton dancing!

Maths Week in Year 1

Our week began on Sunday with a Maths trail around Ombersley, we found lots of numbers. On Monday we received a letter from Sir Lancelot of Camelot. He needed our help to find some new knights to train a dragon. We were set lots of challenges throughout the week ~ Firstly we had to measure the knights for new armour. On Tuesday our challenge was to make an invisibility potion so that we could creep past the dragon. Then on Wednesday we had to use our measuring skills to bake some muffins for Sir Lancelot and King Arthur. Our Final challenge was to set up a knight’s challenge. We also invited our mums and dads to play maths games on Wednesday, dressed up as numbers on Thursday and went on another maths trail that years 3 and 4 had made for us. We  finished the week off with Halloween. Everyone dressed up, we did Halloween maths and had a Halloween disco. We are all ready for a good rest!

Maths Week in Year 2

This week was Maths week and what an exciting week we have had! The week started on Sunday with a Maths trail around Ombersley and everyone had great fun hunting for the answers. During the week Year 2 have been looking at 2D shapes. In Numeracy we sorted them, looked for right angles and investigated which shapes tessellate. We enjoyed looking at how artists have used shapes in their paintings and then had a go at recreating their works of Art. Our favourite was Paul Klee’s Castle and Sun. On Thursday we all came to school dressed as a number and had to think of all the different things we knew about our number and one of our governor’s, Mrs Cornock, came and took us around the school Maths trail that Key Stage 2 had created for us. We have all really enjoyed our Maths week and are now looking forward to a relaxing half term!

Maths Week in Key Stage 2!

We have had a lovely maths week in KS2. After a very busy half term we decided to link our maths week to our end of topic VE day party. We started the week by making soup with our Chair of Governors Rob Brett. We were supposed to go and visit his allotment to learn about ‘growing our own’ and Dig for Victory but the rain ruined this plan. Instead, Rob brought his own vegetables up to school and taught us how to make Minestrone soup. We all had a go at cooking and learnt about how important ‘growing your own’ was during rationing.

For the rest of the week we have been thinking about how to best organise our VE day party (invitations to follow!). We applied our knowledge of symmetry to designing tablecloths and we completed table plans which would allow us to seat everyone and our guests comfortably. We used the maths book ‘Spagetti and Meatballs’ as the basis for our problem solving work- first we had to help Mrs. Comfort seat her family before thinking of our own plans.

We also completed the current Ombersley maths trail and wrote our own, updated version for Ks1. We hope they’ve enjoyed doing it!