Pancake Races

On Shrove Tuesday we had pancake races at the end of the day. Some of us were very competitive!

Book Week

The focus for Book Week has been poetry. We have been learning a poem for our assembly next week about Dragons and the environment. We have been writing our own poetry and making artwork to accompany the poetry. On Monday our parents came in to share stories and poems with us.On Thursday -World Book day we wore our PJ’s and slippers and brought in our favourite books. We shared them with other classes during the day – we enjoyed going down to the Nursery and reading to the younger children. We had hot chocolate and marshmallows at the end of the day.


Birmingham Museum and Art gallery

We visited BMAG to visit the Egyptian gallery of the museum and take part in workshops about Ancient Egypt. We re-enacted an Ancient Egyptian funeral of a pharaoh. It was a bit gruesome pulling out his internal organs and putting them in canopic jars, then Jacob had to pull his brain out!! We found bandaging him up a bit tricky and then we had to decide if his heart was heavier than a feather. We held an original death masks from Egyptian times. Our second workshop was painting a picture on a piece of papyrus with inks – they looked really good. In the afternoon we visited the Egyptian gallery and saw some real mummies, and lots artefacts. We also had time to make a quick visit to the Staffordshire Hoard and the art gallery. It was a very informative day.


Egyptian artefacts

We have been making  Egyptian artefacts read for our Egyptian museum. We have designed and made funeral masks and used clay to make scarab beetles.

Cross Country Competition

The children had an exhausting morning at Wychbold First School competing against some strong competition, in the Droitwich Schools’ Cross Country competition, at Wychbold First school. Fortunately the rain stayed away and the race could go ahead!

There were some great performances from Agatha 2nd, Daisy 9th and Holly 10th in the Girls’ race and Jaden 3rd, Matthew 8th and Toby 9th in the Boys’ race.

Well done to Sebastian, Daisy, Holly, Jaden, Matthew, Kara, Joseph, Rose, Sam, Agatha, Toby, Archie, Jogiya, Mia and Alfie. 


Egyptian Dance

This term we have had a dance coach from Dance Fest. We have been putting together an Egyptian dance that we hope to perform at the Droitwich Dance Festival.

Digital Leaders to Westacre

We spent a fantastic afternoon at Westacre with our Digital Leaders. We talked all about what being a Digital Leader is and why it’s such an important role in school. We then got practical. We made a film explaining the role of a Digital Leader which we will show in assembly. We also took apart a computer to see what’s really inside and how it all works. Thank you Westacre for the wonderful afternoon.

I want to be……….

We all dressed up as what we want to be when we grow up. There are a few footballers, DJ’s and teachers. Can you work out what everyone is dressed as?

Science – Learning about our digestive system!

We pretended we were making a digestive system. We started with bread and bananas which we mashed  and tore up like our teeth. We mixed it with water like saliva and pushed it down a tube into a plastic bag -which was our stomach. Then it was mixed with an acid (only cola!) and then put into a stocking leg – like our intestines, which we squeezed out the liquid. We won’t explain the last bit! Some of us were a bit squemish tho’ it was only food. It helped us to understand how our body works.

Maths Week 2018

We had great fun during maths week. First we had a race to see who could assemble a hundred square that had been cut up the fastest. The we played lots of dice games. Mrs Osborn kept giving us challenges which made us think!  We liked our parents coming in to play games on the Thursday and wearing number shirts. On Friday Mrs Osborn challenged all the houses to use tesselation to make a pattern using our house colours – it was harder than we thought!



Ancient Egyptians

This term we are learning abut the Ancient Eyptians. We started by being ‘archeologists’ and looking at ‘artefacts’ from Hartlebury museum. We drew them and predicted what they were and what they might have been used for.