Science investigations

We have been carrying out investigations about matter and the changing state of matter. We tried to find out if air weighs anything by weighing balloons. Could we prove gas was there by squashing a plastic bottle?  We tested the temperature of water at room temperature, ice water and boiling water. What would happen if we left a solution f salt wa er in our classroom ?

Blackberry Tea -Ombersley Remembers WW1

We all dressed up as children during WW1 to perform at the tea. We read out our poems about blackberry picking – we had written acrostic poems and poems in the style of Seamus Heaney. We sang some of the soldiers songs – Its a long way to Tipperary, Pack up your troubles.The best part was eating the scones with our blackberry jam!  Some people asked if they could buy our jam. You can hear all about the project on our radio show.


Rivers of the World

We are taking part in ‘The Rivers of the World’ project. Part of this is a visual artist coming and working with the class. Carole came to do a printing project with us. We used the shape of a Worcester pottery vase and decorated it with natural things we might find in or near the River Severn. We drew fish, water insects, birds and flowers. Carole helped us print them using a press. The results were amazing. They will be on display in the Hive later in the year.



We were investigating the different states of materials. We changed the state of sand by adding water.


We took OTiS to the harvest practice in church

WW1 -Finding out what it was like for children in WW1

Julia Letts came in to tell us what children in Ombersley School might have been doing during WW1. Food was scarce so we found out what they could have collected from the hedgerows to eat or feed the animals. We looked at the posters the government used to encourage people to preserve food , recycle and eat less. We tried some of the berries we didn’t all like them.



On Monday morning we have a thrive session – this week we made an imaginary creature from Lego!

STEM at Westacre

We went to Westacre to take part in STEM (Science, Technology and Maths) We had to make a wheeled vehicle that would travel but we were only allowed elastic bands to join it. We used the ipads and flames in the science labs.



Our first tennis lesson this term

Blackberry Picking and making jam

We began our WW1 work this term with blackberry picking. During WW1 children were allowed to miss school to go blackberry picking, the blackberries were turned into jam and sent to the troops. We made our blackberries into blackberry and apple jam for a special ‘Blackberry Tea’. We picked apples from our school trees and made over 30 jars of jam. We tried it on toast at break time to make sure it tasted good!

Welcome to Year 4