Welcome to Chestnut Class

Young Voices

What an amazing day and night we had at Young Voices.

The coach took us to The Resorts World in Birmingham. After eating our lunch and finding our seats in the huge arena, we spent the afternoon practicing our songs and dances with nearly 7000 other school children.

We performed with some big stars including Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and Charlene Hector from Basement Jaxx.

On the evening we performed in front of a big audience including our parents and families. It was a fantastic experience; we all enjoyed every minute of it!

Our teachers were so very proud of us!

Ancient Egyptians

We have started the new year with a fantastic new topic –  Ancient Egyptians.

We have already found out about the Ancient Egyptian Gods;  we researched our own God as a group and presented the information to the rest of the class.

A box of Ancient Egyptian artifacts arrived from the museum for us to study; we sketched them and discussed what they were and who they might have belonged to.

In our dance lessons, we are learning an Ancient Egyptian dance. 

We are all really enthusiastic about our topic and looking forward to finding out more.

Science in Year 3

We have been learning about magnets and magnetism in Science.

We have investigated which materials are magnetic and how the poles of a magnet attract and repel each other.

Christmas celebrations in Year 3

We had a lovely end to our first term with lots of Christmas festivities. 

There was a fantastic trip to the pantomime, the school Nativity and Carol service in church,  a visit from Father Christmas, a reindeer drive , a Christmas quiz, the Christmas party and a games morning.

After all that and all our hard work this term we were ready for the Christmas holidays!

Happy New Year and see you all on 7th January.

Carol Singing at Vax

Ombersley School Choir were invited to entertain The Vax employees at their Christmas party.

They all sang Christmas carols and songs beautifully. After they had finished singing, they were given a drink and cakes plus a Christmas present to say thank you. The school were also given  a new Vax vacuum cleaner as a thank you. 

We all had a lovely  morning and were very proud of our choir, as always!

Cluster Carols

Years 1, 2 , 3 and 4 had a lovely afternoon at Tibberton First School, taking part in our Annual Cluster Carols with Hindlip and Tibberton schools.

It was a lovely  start to our Christmas festivities.

Maths Week

We had a fantastic Maths Week. We played lots of maths games and solved  problems during our maths lessons. 

On Thursday, we all came to school wearing a number or shape jumper and our parents and grandparents came to join us to play some Maths games. It was great fun! 

On Friday we had the whole school Maths House Challenge. Each house had to make a tessellating shape, then decorate it in our house colours. When we had finished we tessellated all the shapes to make a beautiful pattern.

Children in Need 2018

Wow! Pudsey came to visit us. We wore our spots and bright clothes and gave him all the coins we had collected.

We loved the cakes at break too!

Remembrance 100 years on.

The whole school have been remembering the First World War and those that died fighting for our country. In year 3 we have been reading and writing letters from the trenches; learning a little about what life was like for the soldiers.

We have also been listening to some World War One poetry written by Wilfred Owen, who was a soldier in World War One. He wrote letters home to his mother in the form of poems to let the world know what it was really like. We then wrote and performed our own poems in the style of Wilfred Owen.

Poppies are a very important part of remembrance; we created some for our display using many different types of materials.

It was lovely to see so many children on Sunday for the Remembrance service in Ombersley. The children who came represented our school beautifully by laying wreaths and crosses to remember those who died in the two World Wars.

On Thursday Keystage two children joined children from Sytchampton, Tibberton and Hindlip for a very moving Remembrance service in Ombersley Church to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One. Year 4 children gave a wonderful account of life in Ombersley during the Great War. Year 3 and 4 children sang beautifully. They all made us extremely proud.

After the service we walked around the churchyard to find the World War One Commonwealth graves.


The History of Canals

Roger and  David from the Canal Rivers trust came to tell us more about the history and importance of canals. We found out why canals where so important to the history of Britain and its industrial heritage. We played out a story of a farmer selling his pots, transporting them by horse and cart, building a canal with the help of James Brindley to improve the transport links and then the decline of the canals because of the railways.

We also had a visit from  Alice Fallon, Education Officer from the Severn River Trust who told us abut the life cycle of the shad, which used to thrive in the River Severn but has struggled to breed because of the weirs built at Holt, Lincomb and Diglis and thought to have died out in 1844. However a number are returning to the river and the Trust has plans to build special pathways which will help the shad to find its way back up stream to breed at Welshpool and hopefully return to the river in larger numbers.

Roger and  David took a water safety assembly for the whole school, reminding us of the dangers of being near rivers and canals. We learnt to STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE and to think carefully of what we are doing when we are near water. Everyone enjoyed the assembly -thank you to the Canal River Trust.

We will be finding out more about the canals this week and the people who worked on them.

Hartlebury Museum

What a fantastic day we had learning about life during World war One.

First, we were told about what a soldier’s life was like in ‘The Trenches’. We studied and sketched World war One artifacts, we learned that Hartlebury Castle was turned into a hospital for wounded soldiers.

We looked around the Castle ~ it was magnificent! Then we visited the VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) exhibition. There was a quiz to complete, games to play and we were even allowed to dress up as nurses and soldiers; it was great fun.

After that, we had a taste of what it would have been like in a classroom  100 years ago. Some of us really liked it!

We had a wonderful day ~ a great start to our History project on World War One. Our teachers were really proud of all of us.