Welcome to Chestnut Class

Bell Boating

What a fantastic day year 3 and 4 had today Bell Boating. We rowed all day; from Vines Park all the way to Ladywood! It was hard work, but each boat worked as a team and helped each other to keep going.

We stopped for lunch at Ladywood Lock and experienced what it is like to go through a lock.

The weather was beautiful all day too. well done everyone. Excellent collaboration! 


First week back

Welcome back to the final term in year 3.
The Summer term has started off with a very busy week. We learnt all about keeping safe on the road in our Road Safely lesson with Louise; we acted out different scenarios then Louise measured our height to see which of us still need a car seat.

We have also started our new topic – The Stone Age; we are reading a new story and have begun the topic by creating Stone Age Art. We carried out cave drawings just as the Stone Age people would have done, except we drew them underneath our tables instead of in a cave – it was great fun though!

Awful Egyptians theatre trip

What an amazing end to our Ancient Egyptians topic! we all enjoyed an afternoon at Shrewsbury theatre watching A Horrible Histories performance of Awful Egyptians. It was a long journey; but well worth it!

There was lots of funny bits, disgusting bits and plenty of scary bits, especially in the second half when we wore 3D glasses, which made it all come to life.

We all had a fantastic afternoon and as always made our teachers very proud with our beautiful behaviour!

Jump Rope competition

What a great time the skipping club had at their first ever Jump Rope School Championships!

The children had been well trained by their coach Stacie and took part in 30 second speed, 30 second crosses, 30 second jumping, 30 second double dutch speed, long rope challenge and at the very end performed a whole school skipping routine. All the children were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

Finally at the end of the day medals were awarded to all the winners. Ombersley won an amazing 4, 1st place medals and 5, 3rd place medals and that didn’t include the two won by Mrs Hills! Congratulations to everyone.


Ancient Egyptian Museum

Keystage Two welcomed visitors in to share all the wonderful work they have produced during their Ancient Egyptian topic.
The afternoon began with the children singing their Egyptian song and performing their Egyptian dances the parents Grandparents and other visitors.
They then took their guests into the classrooms, which were set out like a real museum. Amongst their artifacts were: Ancient Egyptian Death masks, canopic jars, mummified tomatoes and amulets all made by the children.
They also served refreshments they had made, year 4 had made humus with salad and pitta bread and year 3 had baked honey cake.
The children were very proud of their achievements; it has been a wonderful topic, they have shown great enthusiasm and this was obvious in their museum. Well done All of Key stage Two!
We are now looking forward to our trip to Shrewsbury Theatre to see ‘Awful Egyptians next week!

Book week

We had a wonderful week learning traditional poetry. In year 3, we studied the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson. We enjoyed learning his poems off by heart. On Monday afternoon our parents came in to share stories with us. On Tuesday we brought books to swap at lunchtime. Then on Thursday, World Book Day, we came to school in our pj’s. We went to different classes throughout the day to share a book with other children, then in the afternoon we had hot chocolate and marshmallows.  On Friday we brought our poetry chair designs to school: Ellie and Harry were the Keystage 2 winners: their chair designs looked amazing when the chairs were painted!

The following Friday, Red Nose Day, we shared our Book Week assembly with our parents. We read our poetry in groups and shared some of our own poems. We recited ‘From a Railway Carriage’ as a whole class. We did a brilliant Job.




Cross Country Competition

The children had an exhausting morning at Wychbold First School competing against some strong competition, in the Droitwich Schools’ Cross Country competition, at Wychbold First school. Fortunately the rain stayed away and the race could go ahead!

There were some great performances from Agatha 2nd, Daisy 9th and Holly 10th in the Girls’ race and Jaden 3rd, Matthew 8th and Toby 9th in the Boys’ race.

Well done to Sebastian, Daisy, Holly, Jaden, Matthew, Kara, Joseph, Rose, Sam, Agatha, Toby, Archie, Jogiya, Mia and Alfie. 


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

What a fantastic day we had finding out more about the Ancient Egyptians at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

First, we learnt about Ancient Egyptian artwork; we drew and painted our own pictures on papyrus using ink. After that, we acted out a mummification and a funeral ceremony; it wasn’t a real pharaoh, but we had fun taking part in a pretend mummification and dressing up.

In the afternoon, we visited the Egyptian gallery where we saw some real 3000 year old mummies, sarcophagus  and other artifacts. 

Finally we got to have a look at The Stafford shire Hoard, which is a collection of Saxon treasures that were found in a farmers field in Stafford shire.

First half term of 2019 in Year 3

The first few weeks of 2019 have been very busy in Year 3. 

We have created some amazing Ancient Egyptian Death masks in our Art and DT lessons:

You will be able to see all of the finished masks in our Ancient Egyptian Museum at the end of the term.

We have been learning symmetrical and asymmetrical balances in gymnastics. We have mastered these and can show our skills on the benches and the wall bars.

As part of our English lessons we have worked in groups to create instructions to mummify a Pharaoh; each member of the group had an important Egyptian role to play. We have also carried out our own mummification… of a Tomato! we will let you know how they turn out!

Our Ancient Egyptian dance is now complete; it is very complicated, but we have worked really hard to put it all together. Our dance teacher, Clare, was really impressed with us.

Digital Leaders to Westacre

We spent a fantastic afternoon at Westacre with our Digital Leaders. We talked all about what being a Digital Leader is and why it’s such an important role in school. We then got practical. We made a film explaining the role of a Digital Leader which we will show in assembly. We also took apart a computer to see what’s really inside and how it all works. Thank you Westacre for the wonderful afternoon.

Pyramids and Death masks.

As part of out Ancient Egyptian topic we are looking at pyramids. We learnt about Zozer’s Step pyramid and were challenged to build our own step pyramid out of Lego. Some of our pyramids turned out brilliantly; just like a step pyramid, others were a bit more ‘unusual’. We had great fun building them though!

We have also started work on out Egyptian Death masks. We followed our design to build up the base of the mask using cardboard and masking tape, then we started to cover it in ‘mod rock’; it was quite tricky and very messy. We will be working on them over the next couple of weeks. They will be beautiful when they are finished!