Year 2 2018-19

Book Week in Year 2

We loved Book Week!

The theme for this year’s Book Week, at Ombersley,  was Performance Poetry and our poem was The Owl and the Pussycat. We have learnt it off by heart and done lots of lovely activities to do with the poem. We have even had a go at writing our poems, which we are looking forward to sharing with you in our Class assembly.

On Monday our parents came to share a story with us, on Tuesday we brought a book to school to swap and on Thursday, World Book day, we came to school in our PJs and slippers with our teddies and our favourite book to share with children from another class. We loved this, especially the hot chocolate and Marshmallows that we had later. And on Friday we bought our competition entries into school for a ‘Design a Poetry chair’competition. Well done Harvey and Finley who were the Key Stage 1 winners. We can’t wait to see what the chair will look like. 



What a wonderful day we had at The Snowdome. It was just like being at the South Pole!

After we had had our snack and got changed into our waterproof clothes we had a session of sledging and tubing. They were very hard to steer!

When we had finished that we had a snow play session. There were lots of snowballs being thrown!

Finally, after we had eaten our lunch, we went back to school, just in time for home time.

Cooking and Gymnastics!

The children have enjoyed making their pizzas this term and their have been many different combinations of toppings, but they all look delicious!

The Year 2 children have started their Gymnastics lessons this term and have been concentrating on performing sequences of movements on the floor, low apparatus and high apparatus. It has been great fun!

Digital Leaders to Westacre

We spent a fantastic afternoon at Westacre with our Digital Leaders. We talked all about what being a Digital Leader is and why it’s such an important role in school. We then got practical. We made a film explaining the role of a Digital Leader which we will show in assembly. We also took apart a computer to see what’s really inside and how it all works. Thank you Westacre for the wonderful afternoon.


We have loved our first few lessons of Yoga with Mrs Rusby. We remembered what we did when we were in Year 1 and now we are learning lots of new positions.


This term we are making pizza in cookery. Look at the delicious pizzas we have made so far and what a variety of toppings!

Lost and Found!

The children have had a very exciting start to the new term.

In the first week they found a trail of fish in the classroom which led to a lost penguin! Where had it come from?

Then the next day a suitcase, containing some mystery items, appeared in our classroom. Who could it belong to?

And finally we found out. We received an email telling us it belonged to a small boy and the penguin was his!

But where was he going with his suitcase? 


Christmas in Year 2

The children loved all the Christmas festivities. 

There was a fantastic trip to the pantomime, the school Nativity in church (they sang beautifully), a Christmas arts and craft morning, a visit from Father Christmas, a reindeer drive  (it’s like a beetle drive but you build a Rudolf!) and the Christmas party.

After all that we were ready for the Christmas holidays!

Happy New Year and see you all in January. 

Cluster Carols

Years 1, 2 , 3 and 4 had a lovely afternoon at Tibberton First School, taking part in our Annual Cluster Carols with Hindlip and Tibberton schools.

It was a lovely  start to our Christmas festivities.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the wonderful Year 2 parents for our fantastic Christmas present! We love it!

Maths Week in Year 2

We  really enjoyed Maths Week! 

We read the story, The Great Pet Sale, and solved all sorts of problems using money. We had to buy different numbers of pets, find the change and work out if £1 was enough to buy all the animals in the Pet shop.

On Thursday, we all came to school wearing a number and our parents and grandparents came to join us to play some Maths games. It was great fun! 

On Friday we had the whole school Maths House Challenge. Each house had to make a tessellating shape, then decorate it in our house colours. When we had finished we tessellated all the shapes to make a beautiful pattern.