Yr 1 2018-19

Sports Day 2019

What another great Sports Day! The sun shone, the house gazebos were set up and everything was ready.

The Year 4 house captains led their houses in a mass school warm up, to start the proceedings.

There then followed running , skipping, sack, egg and spoon, beanbag and dressing up races for each of the year groups. It was great fun and very competitive.

The final races for the children were the House relay and Key Stage 2 Ombersley Marathon.

While the scores were added up our young visitors had a running race and the Mums and Dads were persuaded to do the sack race, by their children.

Finally the results were announced and Ruby house won. Well done to Ruby house, everyone who competed and all the parents who came and supported and cheered. It was a lovely morning made even better by our DJ from Kings Hawford school. Thank you. 

Cluster Sports

Ombersley had a very successful morning at the Cluster Sports 2019 taking part in different events against Hindlip First school and Tibberton First school. After a morning of exciting races all the scores were added up and Ombersley came first!

Well done to all the children who took part in events throughout the morning. There was some great support too from all the children. 

Festival of Flowers and Music

As part of the Festival of Flowers and Music, which will be taking place in St. Andrew’s Church, Ombersley from June 28th to July 5th, some of the children were chosen to take part in a flower arranging workshop.

Mrs Packer came and showed the children how to make two flower arrangements. We were very impressed with her flower arranging skills!

Hopefully, some of the children will have a go at making one of these arrangements so that we can display them in the church during the festival. We are going to be singing there too.

Warwick Castle

We had a fantastic day at Warwick Castle. We started the day down in the dungeon before we made our way to find out how to make a King. We loved looking at the wax models but the moving horse made us jump a bit. After we had learnt how to become king we made our way to find Princess Millie who told us a story all about a brave knight and a fierce dragon. She told us all about how knights had a shield to protect them and how the designs showed off our family name. We designed our own shields which, when we get back to school, we will turn into real wooden ones. Leaving the princess we made our way to the Falconers Quest where we met Hobby who dreamed of becoming the head falconer at Warwick. He introduced us to some of his birds in an epic show. We saw owls, eagles, hawks, falcons and a condor. They flew so close to our heads it took our breath away. We loved the finale where over 70 birds took to the sky above us swooping and diving all around. We then moved to explore the inside of the castle and met Daisy who lived at Warwick many years ago. When we came out we were very lucky to get the chance to hold a real sword but Mr Postans and Mrs Moore were less impressed when they got their heads chopped off. We ended our fantastic day racing through time in the Horrible Histories maze collecting our time stamps along the way, However Mrs Pittaway and Miss Ballard got a little lost.
We had a fantastic day at Warwick and the children were all exceptionally well behaved.

Den Building

Mr Postans and Mrs Moore joined together to take Year 1 & 2 out in the forest for a very special afternoon. They were set the task to design and build a camp for a knight who was out on a special mission. The children worked amazingly hard completely across the year groups to create a spectacular knights camp. The children showed amazing teamwork, problem solving, communication and most of all a love of learning. It was so lovely to walk around the forest and listen to all the conversations being had by the children with years 1 & 2 both actively engaged with some children saying “This was the best lesson we have ever had” We can’t wait for our next joint session.


We had lot of fun in Easter week, the Friends organised a lovely egg hunt for us which was lots of fun. We learnt all about the Easter story and made stained glass windows. We performed in church after we had walked down in our Easter bonnets which looked fantastic. Well done Year 1 and have a lovely Easter break.

Church Art

We went to church this week to practice our Easter service. After the rehearsal we stayed at church to have a go at sketching the church tower. Our skills have improved over the year and we produced some lovely pieces of work.

Wild Things Day

This term our topic has been adventure and we have been looking at the book “Where The Wild Things Are”. We decided to have a Wild Things Day in the forest and Mrs Moore kindly planned it all for us. We started the day retelling the story and then got into groups to build the story. It was so much fun. We then went around exploring each other’s zones before we had lots and lots of fun in the mud (Happened to be the wettest day of the month) We made mud pies and even made a mud slide, We got very very muddy but had an awesome time.

Book Week

This year’s book week was all based on Poetry. Mrs Jordan gave us a poem by AA Milne called Tails. We got to know the poem very well and added actions and instruments to make it even more exciting. We were so happy we could perform this to our parents. During book week our families came in to share a story with us and we got to wear our PJs for the day.

New Outdoor Garden

We love our fantastic new year 1 only garden. We have been doing lots of exploring and learning outside and we love it.

Forest fun

We spend lots of time outside and in the forest. On our first week back we went out to look for signs of spring and had a bug hunt. We discovered lots more bugs come out in spring compared to winter.