Year 2 2013/2014

Year 2 2013-4 008

Summer Family Picnic

Last Tuesday Year 2 organised a Family Picnic for their end of topic celebration. We have been learning all about how to keep healthy by making the right choices about what we eat and exercising and so we decided we would prepare some healthy snacks for our families. After a tasting session we planned some fruit kebabs and wraps that we could serve to our families during the picnic and we made some jam tarts, which the class voted as their favourite thing they had made in cookery this year.

We spent the morning cooking and preparing and finally we had finished. Everybody helped, including Mrs Smith and the snacks looked fantastic! At 1.30pm the sun shone and all our families arrived with their picnic blankets and baskets. They had even brought a few extra healthy snacks too. We served our wraps and fruit kebabs and our families were very impressed!

When we had finished eating we challenged our parents to a game of rounders as we have been working on our hitting and throwing skills in PE this term. It was great fun and our parents were surprised at how good we were.

Finally to cool down we were all given an ice lolly. It was the perfect end to the perfect afternoon. Thank you parents for coming and sharing the afternoon with us.

Year 2 Sports Week

Sports week 2014

Sports Week was great fun! We tried out lots of different sports, many of which we hadn’t tried before, and thought about how we could be more healthy.

Every morning started with Wake and Shake to get us ready for the day ahead. We even got the parents to join in on Friday morning. On Monday Mrs Rusby came in to teach us Yoga.  We really enjoyed it. She taught us how to stretch, breathe and relax.

On Tuesday Tom showed us some Ju-jitsu moves and in the afternoon we learnt how to play Tag Rugby. Otis enjoyed it too.

Wednesday was our Skipping day and Lorraine showed us some new skipping tricks. We liked the Funky Monkey best. In the afternoon our parents came to see our exhibition of skipping, where we showed them all the things we had learnt. We also got to see what the other classes had been doing too.

On Thursday we went over to the tennis club for a tennis session with the coach, Luke. After a warm up we tried out our skills to see if we could keep a rally going. Here we come Wimbledon!

Finally on Friday we all came to school dressed in different sport’s outfits. Then we had great fun taking part in a Sport’s event organised by the Key Stage 2 children. They were very good Sports’ leaders. Thank you Key Stage 2. We took part in eight different events and then the scores were added up. England won! Well they had to win something this week! In the afternoon we even found some time for a Maypole practice!

At the end of the week two children from each class were awarded with Sports certificates, in assembly, for their attitude and skills shown during Sports week. What a great week it was!




We have had a busy start to our topic Funnybones! We read the story ‘Funnybones’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg and had a go at lots of skeleton activities. We tried to draw all our bones and organs in the right place on a body outline and we even had a go at putting our own dog skeleton back together!

We have removed all the weeds from our raised bed so that we can plant some healthy vegetables when we come back after half term. Worcester Warriors came and gave us a Tag Rugby session too so we are much healthier. Next half term we are going to be thinking about planning a ‘healthy picnic’ and fun afternoon for our families.

Dance Festival

Dance festival

The girls from Year 2  took part in a Dance festival at Droitwich Spa High School on Friday May 16th. There were lots of schools there and children of all ages. We looked fantastic in our Medieval costumes and, although it was a bit scary on the stage in front of so many people, we danced beautifully! We enjoyed watching all the other dances and Year 3’s Indian dance too.

Bluebell Walk

On Wednesday the whole school went on our annual Bluebell Walk. We walked across the buttercup field, through the ‘kissing gate’ and then through another field until we got to the Knight’s Wood. The wood was lovely and cool after the warm walk and looked beautiful. Once we got to the roundabout tree we made a whole school circle and listened quietly to all the sounds of the wood. We continued walking through the wood looking at the bluebells until we came back to the entrance of the wood. Then it was the long walk back to school. What a lovely way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon!

Happy Easter!



The children have had a lovely Easter week. It was great fun hunting for all the eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt, put on by the Friends.

And on Friday we all came to school in our fabulous Easter bonnets! We walked down to the church and after the service paraded around the church.

Year 2 Book Week

We had so much fun in Book Week!

Book week 2

This year, in Book Week, we looked at stories from around the world. In Year 2, we read a Dreamtime story from Australia called The Rainbow Bird. We learnt to tell the story using actions and created our own animal pictures using the traditional aboriginal painting technique, ‘Dot painting’. It wasn’t as easy as it looked! We researched some Australian animals and there were some that we had never heard of before and then we had a go at writing poems about the animals; trying to use descriptive words, similes and alliteration.

On Wednesday, Mrs Robinson, one of our governors, brought some aboriginal instruments to show us. She even managed to play the didgeridoo! We enjoyed using the rhythm sticks, to make rhythm patterns, using the names of Australian animals. Finally she taught us the song Kookaburra and we had a go at singing it as a round. It was great fun. We even tried to decorate our own rhythm sticks using aboriginal signs and symbols.

And on Friday we came to school dressed as a book character. Everyone had to guess who we were. We all guessed who Mrs Moore was, so we kept out of her way! The shoebox stories were brought to school and we were all amazed at how creative they were. Finally, at the end of the day, we got to use the money we had raised on our ‘Sponsored Read’ to choose some books. What a busy, but enjoyable, week we have had!

Pancake Day

On Shrove Tuesday we all brought our pancakes to school for the big race!

Singers Hill Synagogue

Today we went to visit a Jewish synagogue in Birmingham as we have been finding out all about Judaism in our RE lessons. We entered the Synagogue, with the boys going through one door and the girls through the other. Then the boys had to cover their head with a kippah and the boys had to sit on one side and the girls on the other – this is so the men don’t get distracted by the ladies during the services!

The Synagogue was beautiful and we enjoyed looking for all the Stars of David, the Menorah, and the Ark – this was covered by a beautiful curtain. We were very lucky and the Ark was opened so that we could see the Torah scrolls.

Next we sat in the chairs and tried to read the prayer book but we had to start from the back and read from right to left. It was written in English and Hebrew. We looked at the names of the people whose seats we were sitting on and tried on the prayer shawls.

Finally we climbed all the way up to the balcony so that we could see the whole synagogue. There were 31 steps to get up there.

We really enjoyed our visit and so did Otis! Have a look at what we did.


India Arts Week in Year 2

We had great fun this week. It was India Arts week and we had lots of different people to visit and talk to us. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and found out why Diwali is celebrated. We found out how Indian people celebrate Diwali today. We made Diva lamps, by making coil pots and decorating them with sequins, so they reflect the light. We designed our own Rangoli patterns. Rangoli patterns have to be symmetrical and they are used during the celebration to welcome people into their homes.

Nasreen and Bali came to talk to us about Indian culture and told us that Mehndi is part of how they celebrate. We designed our own patterns and then Nasreen and Bali used henna to decorate our hands. They taught us that henna comes from a plant whose leaves are dried and crushed. The powder is then mixed with lemon juice, warm water and eucalyptus oil. It is completely natural. Henna has to be brown and feel cold when it is applied.

Hina came to teach us some Bhangra dancing. We learnt some traditional moves and combined them with our own.

Mrs Shailendra came in to talk to us about what is like to live in India. She showed us how to dress in a sari and we tried some of the jewellery. We tasted some Indian snacks and sweets that Mrs Shailendra brought in. She even cooked the teachers lunch!

 We used the technique of Batik to show our favourite patterns. It was harder than it looked! We had to be really careful to draw with hot wax to create a resist. Then we painted over the wax with fabric dye. Our patterns showed up like magic!

Have a look at all the exciting things we did this week.


Piggy Problems!

There were many problems to solve this week. First we had to plan a route for the wolf to visit each of the pig’s houses, in turn. We used the Beebot to help us work out what directions we would need to use.

Then The Three Little Pigs sent us an email, a bale of straw and a bag full of sticks. The problem we needed to solve was, to build a house using these materials that could shelter a pig. Unfortunately they weren’t very woolfproof! But we had great fun doing it.