We have started learning the violin and cello in our music lessons.  At the moment we are learning how to hold the instrument correctly.  Look at how well we are doing!

Picture 006 Picture 005


On Friday 21st September, Years 3 and 4 had their first camping adventure on the School Field.  Our first task as explorers was to put up the tents.  We had fish and chips for supper before having a most fantastic campfire.  We sang lots of songs which exhausted us.  After sleeping under the stars we had to pack up our camp.  We had delicious bacon sandwiches and games outside.  We then went home for a rest.  A fantastic time was had by all!

camping 028 camping 041 (1) camping 021 camping 044 camping 047 camping 043

Our Maths lesson with Parents

On Thursday 15th November we invited our parents to join in with our maths lesson.  We had a fantastic time giving directions using the 8 compass points.  We had to try and beat each other to give directions using the least amount of moves.  Thannk you to all of the parents for attending, we look forward to seeing you again next term.

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Autumn Week – Willow Weaving

In Autumn Week we learnt how to weave with willow.  We created bird feeders and snails.  We had to plait with 7 pieces of willow!

DSCN0967 DSCN0970 DSCN0982 DSCN0992 DSCN0973 DSCN0994

Settling in

We are already settling into life as Year 4s and have began our topic on Extreme Environments.  First we began by locating these different environments on a World Map.

DSCN0913 DSCN0908 DSCN0907

We have started learning about Polar Environments and how people adapt to life in such extreme conditions.

Welcome to Ash Class

Year 4

Christmas Market!

Last week we worked very hard making all our things for our Christmas market. Mrs. Osborn challenged us to make the most profit using our £10 budget. We undertook market research to see what we could make and then we set about making for the rest of the week.

We made 5 items in total and worked every day to make sure they were all ready for Friday’s market. Our record was Thursday morning when we made 105 cakes before playtime!

On Friday our stall was popular and we sold everything that we had made. Our profit was a very impressive £76.10! Thank you to everyone who visited our stall and well done Chestnut class for all your hard work making our stall a success!

Maths Morning

On Wednesday 28th November we invited our Mums and Dads into school for a maths lesson. Lots of parents came and we had a very busy lesson showing them the different ways that we learnt about numbers. We played games, used number lines and tried to solve a tricky puzzle! Thank you to all the parents who attended, we loved having you and will see you again next term.


We have been learning about Space in our topic lessons this week. We learnt about the different planets in our Solar System- their names, position and size. We made mobiles showing the position and size of each of the planets. It wasn’t as easy as it looked! We had to use a compass to draw the planets in an accurate circle and to the correct size. We also had to colour them so they could be distinguished before attaching them to our base which showed the orbits of each of the planets. It was great fun and they look wonderful hung up around the classrooom!


Aboriginal Art

This week in topic lessons we have been recreating Aboriginal art as part of our work on deserts. We chose our own piece of Aboriginal art and experimented with different media (chalk, pencils, oil pastels and paint) to see which ones we enjoyed using. We then changed an element of our original picture and used our chosen media to recreate it. They look fantastic!

Autumn Week

This week has been Autumn fun week! We have all done fantastic activities every day this week. In Chestnut class, leaf printing was our activity. We chose our own leaves, practised how to print them beautifully before embarking on our real pictures! Look below for pictures of our excellent art work!