Science Festival

Year 3 had a lovely afternoon at the Hive learning all about’Explosive Food’. We watched some amazing experiments and learnt lots about how our food gives us energy. Well done to the children- you were a credit to us as always!

Kenyan Teachers visit

What a wonderful few days we had with our visiting Kenyan teachers. They had travelled all the way from Nairobi to come to visit our school. 

Our visitors spent a busy weekend with Mrs Stanley and Mrs Osborn in Worcester looking around the Cathedral and going for a traditional afternoon tea, then Sunday at The Birmingham German Market.

On Monday morning they came to school and joined in straight away with our lessons – Money and instructions to make a cup and ball toy in year 2, soup tasting in year 3 and 4. At break time they joined in with skipping. They had a lovely time in Forest school with year 1 and joined in with singing and story telling in Pre-school and Reception. They also went swimming with year 3 and 4. We planted two special trees in our Sensory garden to commemorate their visit.

It was an amazing experience for all of us – the feedback they gave us about our school was so lovely. They were really impressed with the children’s behaviour and were inspired by way we teach and our school environment.  They  said they will go back to Nairobi with lots of new ideas for their school.

We hope to be able to send a parcel of ‘goodies’ for the children at Langata West Primary school where they teach to enable them to have a small gift in the New Year.

Year 2 Multi skills

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Droitwich Leisure centre taking part in lots of different races. They worked as a team to race against other First schools in the pyramid. There were lots of relay races; including skipping with a hoop, hockey, rugby and running. It was great fun.

First Half term in Beech class

It has been a really busy half term in year 2.

We have enjoyed reading and writing about Traction Man’s adventures. In Science, we tested different materials and decided which would be the best one to design Traction Man’s cape.

Our Toys topic has  has taught us a lot about the history of toys – We brought in some old toys that belonged to our parents and grand parents, we ordered them on a time line. Mrs. Robinson has joined in with our Music lessons and taught us some lovely music to go with our toys topic.

In computing we have been using a Lego programme to build models that move, we loved doing this. We have been carrying on with our cookery each week. We have really enjoyed going in the forest this half term.

Severn Trent Water

What a lovely morning we had, with a visit from Ethan’s dad and Severn Trent Water.

It started with an exciting assembly where we looked at all the water we use and how we could try to waste less.

Then we had workshops on different themes. Everyone loved the virtual reality and Minecraft X box game! We went in the call centre,  looked for the leaks with a detector and fixed the pipes too. Finally the bin it or flush it game made everyone laugh! Thank you Mr Leese and Severn Trent. 



Dragon Days

After weeks of hard work  rehearsing  for our end of year play the evenings finally came when we performed in front of our family and friends.

Both nights were amazing in the wonderful hall at Kings Hawford School. We all acted magnificently, sang beautifully and read perfectly. It was a very proud moment for our parents and teachers. All the hard work paid off – Well done everyone!


Droitwich Dance Festival

Year 3 took part in the Dance Festival at Droitwich High School. They performed their Ancient Egyptian dance in front of other Droitwich first schools. Their dance was amazing and they all made us very proud with their beautiful behaviour.


We have been enjoying lots of time outside despite the weather not always being on our side! We have all been working hard across all areas of the curriculum as we complete the final assessments for the end of the year. 

For the rest of the year we will be focusing on transition to make sure everyone is more than prepared for Year 1. 

The BIG Sing

Year 3 choir members had a lovely afternoon singing with other Worcestershire schools at Worcester University Arena.

We sang the songs we have been learning and were taught some new ones too. We had lots of fun and made our teachers very proud!

Science in year 3

This term in Science we have been learning about plants. We have cleared our vegetable garden and planted seeds. To find out what plants need to grow, we kept our seeds in different places around the classroom.

We have learnt about the parts of a plant and carried out an investigation to find out how plants drink water. Our pollination lesson was fun; we got to eat cheesy puffs then dust our fingers over the plants to see how insects pollinate flowers. 

Next, we will start looking at The Human Body.

Bell Boating

What a fantastic day year 3 and 4 had today Bell Boating. We rowed all day; from Vines Park all the way to Ladywood! It was hard work, but each boat worked as a team and helped each other to keep going.

We stopped for lunch at Ladywood Lock and experienced what it is like to go through a lock.

The weather was beautiful all day too. well done everyone. Excellent collaboration!