Year 2 2017/18

Class photo 2

Year 2 Summer Concert

We had a fabulous afternoon and evening performing our Australian songs at the summer concert. Have a look at the fun we had! 

Summer Indigenous Interlude

What an amazing couple of concerts the  school put on this week! Our whole school concert was themed around the topics we have all been studying this term. We had songs, drumming and dances from Australia, Africa, The Rain forests, North and South America, Scandinavia  and Great Britain. The children all performed with the musical instruments they had and designed created themselves during DT Music week.

Everyone had really worked hard to put the show together and both events were wonderful. We even had a surprise performance from all the staff, who played steel drums and danced The Mac arena.

Thank you to everyone who came to support us and help on the afternoon and evening. The children were wonderful as always, making us very proud. Well Done!

Sports Day 2018

What a fantastic morning of sports it was! The weather was perfect and the children competed sportingly in their races.

The children competed for their houses in the flat race, egg and spoon race, sack race, dressing up race, beanbag race and finished with the house relay and Ombersley Marathon.

After our young visitor’s race and Mum’s and Dad’s sack race all the points were added up and the winners announced. Ruby house were the winners!

Afterwards all the children joined their parents for a picnic. It was the perfect end to a perfect morning.

Thank you to all the parents who came and supported and helped out doing the many jobs.

Cluster Sports

On a gloriously hot, sunny, Friday morning Ombersley competed against Tibberton and Hindlip First schools in the annual Cluster Sports Day.

Gazebos were set up so we didn’t get too hot and with suncream applied, water bottles filled up and sun hats on the competition began. The children took part in the flat race, egg and spoon race, sack race and skipping race before the interval. The scores were announced after the break and Ombersley were narrowly ahead.

It was all to play for  after the break. The children then competed in the dressing up race, beanbag race and school relay with a grand finale of The Ombersley Marathon. The Ombersley children were very impressive in this event and won both the girls and boys races.

When the points were added up the final result was Ombersley 1st, Hindlip 2nd and Tibberton 3rd.

Well done to all the children who competed in events, the children who supported and cheered everyone on and all the helpers. Thank you. It was a wonderful event. 


As part of our DT Music week, we enjoyed a day with Drumlove. We had a fantastic day drumming with Pat and Steve.

They worked with every class in the school throughout the day, teaching us all a different drum beat. At the end of the day years 2, 3 and 4 performed what they had learnt to the rest of the school and parents.


All Things Wild

What a fantastic day we had at All Things Wild, in Evesham. When we arrived we walked through the park to find the sensory trail which was great fun and then we ‘Stepped Back in Time’ for the Dinosaur Walk. We were very glad the dinosaurs weren’t real!

Afterwards we went on an ‘Animal Adventure’ and met a snake, Bantam chicken and Gecko, which we could hold. Then, just before lunch,  we went to the Outback and on our trail saw a Kookaburra, other types of Australian birds and Wallabies jumping around.

After lunch there was just time to have a go on the Adventure playground and an ice cream before we went back to school. What a great day it was!

Ombersley Court

As part of our History project, we have been lucky enough to visit Ombersley Court. We walked through Ombersley Churchyard and were amazed to find ourselves in the beautiful grounds of Ombersley Court! The gardens were magical and so peaceful, with some magnificent trees: A Wellingtonia tree that is the tallest in England and a Turkish Oak tree that is over 3 hundred years old. We also went inside the ice house, walked around the walled gardens and looked at the Hot Houses, where tropical plants would have been grown. 

The stables were very interesting; we learnt that there used to be 44 horses living there and that during World War Two the Queen’s carriage was hidden there (as not many people had heard of Ombersley!) 

We were even allowed to go inside the grand hall of the house to look at the beautiful memorabilia; including a bust of The Duke of Wellington and the drums from the battle of Waterloo. It was such an amazing place. 

Cooking in Year 2

The children have had a lovely time in Cookery this year, on Wednesday afternoons, with Mrs Mansfield. They have made shortbread biscuits, pizzas, scones, and finally muffins. We hope you all enjoyed eating them too!

Year 2’s visit to the Synagogue

On Thursday, Year 2 and Year 3 visited a synagogue in Solihull, to see at first hand, all the things we have been learning about in RE, this term. Marina showed us a book written in Hebrew and we couldn’t believe that they read and write, from right to left, but we all thought the Torah scrolls were beautiful!

We weren’t sure whether we would like to wear a Kippah though and the scarves were fun to hide underneath! Bobbi read a prayer in front of everyone, beautifully. It was a lovely visit.

Voices and Visions 2018

Before the holidays each class worked together to produce a piece of art work for the Voices and Visions exhibition, at Worcester Cathedral. The theme this year was ‘Acts of Kindness’. The exhibition celebrates the creativity of children and young people in the county.

Our work has been displayed beautifully with works of art from other local schools.

Have a look! Why don’t you go and visit the exhibition. It is well worth a visit. You can see the display in The Cloisters and it runs until June 17th.

The Perfect Pet?

Ellie-May’s Mummy came in to show us her baby ducklings that had just hatched. We wondered whether they would be the ‘perfect pet’. We think so!!

The children really enjoyed their Teddy Bear’s picnic treat on the last afternoon before half term, after a very hard working half term. There was sandwiches, teddy bear crisps and Muffins. Well done to all the children in Year 2. Have a lovely half term break everyone.