Welcome to School!

We have had a busy few weeks settling into school. Everyone has learnt the new routine fantastically and  all the staff have been so impressed by how grown up the children are. We have enjoyed exploring the classroom and the new toys and have made some new friends too!

Our first trip is Harvest later on today and we have been rehearsing our song to sing with Nursery in church. On Monday we will be starting a new topic and rumour has it that a very special visitor will be waiting for us on Monday morning….stay tuned!

Pictures will soon be uploaded below, we are still waiting for some media consent forms to be returned to the office. 

We’re getting ready for the new academic year

As soon as we have all settled in you will be able to see what exciting things we get up to during the school day in your child’s year on this page.
If you want to see previous years, take a look at our archives on the right hand sidebar.