Year 2 2017/18

Class photo 2

Australia Day

What a great start to the Summer term!

It all began with an email from a mysterious traveller called Matt, The Didgeridoo Man. He sent us an email and pictures to give us clues to where he was. We looked at the pictures and guessed that he was in Australia.

But guess what? He stopped off at Ombersley First school on Friday, to visit us and show us some of the things he had collected from Australia.

We looked at all his Didgeridoos! We couldn’t believe how many different ones there were! Then we decorated our own boomerang using Aboriginal dot painting. There were fantastic!

After break Matt showed us how he plays the Didgeridoos to make different sounds and then he taught us how to play one. It wasn’t as easy as it looked.

In the afternoon, we went out in the beautiful sunshine and learnt how to throw a boomerang so that it would return! That wasn’t very easy either but we got better the more we practised. Finally, we went back into the classroom and he told us about the pictures he had sent us and answered all our questions.

He is going to keep emailing us to set us new tasks over the next term. How exciting!

What a fun day it was! Have a look at our photographs. 


This term, in our cooking lessons, we have made and designed our own pizzas. We took them home and had them for tea. They were delicious!

Katie Morag

The children have loved their work on the story Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers.

It started with a treasure hunt with some very strange clues! We guessed what the story was.

We have designed new tartan for kilts, (Mrs Moore came to show us her husbands kilt and sporan.), made information leaflets about an island, sent letters to Katie Morag, had a go at Scottish dancing and have even written a new Katie Morag story for the author Mairi Hedderwick. It has been great fun.


The children in Year 1 and 2 have loved their Dance sessions with Natalie from Short Stepperz. They have learnt some dance routines and some ‘cool moves’! The pom poms were great too!


Christmas in Year 2

After all the snow, our Christmas festivities got off to a lovely start with a visit to the Cotswold Animal farm. We looked at all the animals, went on a tractor ride and got to meet Father Christmas too. We were very excited! Have a look at our photographs.  

We had a great Christmas party and sang beautifully in the school nativity, in St. Andrew’s Church. What a busy end of term it was!

We hope you like the children’s cards and calendars and thank you all  your lovely gifts. Enjoy the rest and see you in the New Year!

Maths Week 2017

Number day

Last week it was Maths Week and what great fun it was!

We shared the story, The Doorbell Rang on Monday, and did lots of Mathematical problems to do with the story, throughout the week.

We shared cakes, iced biscuits, divided pizzas into quarters and eighths, then ate them! We even sorted socks into odds and evens!

On Thursday our parents came to share some Maths games with us. We loved that!

And finally, on Friday, we came to school as a number and had a whole school house challenge. Which house could make the longest paper chain with a repeating pattern, using only one sheet of A4 paper each.

Cluster Carols

Key stage One and Two had a wonderful afternoon singing carols and telling the Christmas story with Tibberton and Hindlip schools.

It was a lovely start to the festive season. The children all sang  and behaved beautifully ~ making their teachers very proud.

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The day Pudsey came to visit!

Children in need photo

We all arrived at school dressed as Super heroes ready to meet Pudesy. We had been collecting coins in our bucket for the last few weeks and we were very excited to give these to him.

Sketching Houses in Ombersley

The children had a lovely morning walking around Ombersley looking at the Fire marks on the houses and making detailed sketches of the Tudor houses. 

Visit to Droitwich Fire Station

After finding out all about how fires were put out in The Great Fire of London, we wanted to find out how it is done today. So that’s what we did! We had a lovely morning at Droitwich Fire Station.Fire station class

It was very exciting looking around the fire engine and getting inside the cab. We also tried using lots of their equipment. But the best bits were watching the firemen in action and squirting the hose! 

Happy Hallowe’en!

Halloween class photo