Year 1 2017/18


Outdoor Classroom Day 2018

On Thursday, we had an Outdoor Classroom Day. We spent the whole day learning outside. The day started with some outdoor yoga in the sunshine, which really relaxed us. After break, we became Keith’s secret agents and completed lots of nature missions, which was lots of fun Mrs Moore came out and helped us with our missions. We got very dirty and found lots of bugs, built mini lands, dug holes and explored our outside spaces. After lunch, we played some parachute games then our parents and grandparents came to play with us. We had such a wonderful day. 


Bluebell Walk 2018

On Wednesday 9thMay Yr1 One went on the Bluebell walk. We left school first thing and had a wonderful walk over the fields in the glorious sunshine. On the way, we did a nature hunt looking for different plants and trees to mark off on our sheets. When we got to the wood we were amazed at all the beautiful Bluebells. At the roundabout tree, Miss Cartwright told us all about nature and how we should respect it. We then all held hands and sang ring a ring a roses around the tree. 


Australian Adventure

Our Australian Adventure has begun!

It all began with big mess in our classroom, we discovered a Kangaroo named Keith had jumped into Mrs Horton’s suitcase when she was on her holiday, and come back to England and escaped into our classroom.  We received a parcel from Australia from Mrs Grey (Keith’s mom) asking if we could help to get him back. But first we had to learn all about Australia.

This started on Friday when we had a visit from Matt he came to show us some of the things he had collected from his travels in Australia.

The day started with quick introduction all about Australia; it’s history and culture. We then listened to Matt as he showed us his Didgeridoos and played them for us. We then got to have a go! Matt showed us how to make the different notes/sounds it was lots of fun. Mr Postans & Mrs Horton said we should start our own band.

After break, we explored Aboriginal dot painting and how the designs told stories. We then had a go at designing and painting our own boomerangs. They looked amazing.

In the afternoon, we went out in the beautiful sunshine which felt like we were in Australia it was so hot. Matt showed us how to throw a boomerang so that it would return! We all then got to have a go. It was a lot trickier than it looked, but we showed determination and kept going. It was so much fun and we started to get the hang of it.

What a fun day we had! Have a look at our photographs. 

Gymnastics Festival

Last week ten children from Year 1 went to Sytchampton Primary school to take part in a Gymnastics festival.

After the warm up the children had a go at using different apparatus. There were some excellent shape jumps, rolls, shoulder stands and even the splits and handstands! What a talented group of children! The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to Ombersley School.

Cluster Carols

Key stage One and Two had a wonderful afternoon singing carols and telling the Christmas story with Tibberton and Hindlip schools.

It was a lovely start to the festive season. The children all sang  and behaved beautifully ~ making their teachers very proud.

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Fire Headdresses!


We have really enjoyed reading the story of ‘How the Rabbit Stole the Fire’.  In the story the Rabbit makes a beautiful headdress.  We now know that he uses it to steal the fire from the sky people.  We made our own fantastic headdresses.  What do you think?


Bread making

We loved working with Year 2 to make bread.  We had to measure the ingredients, mix and knead to make our rolls.  We found out that the fire started in a bakery in Pudding Lane.  We tried to imagine if this is how they made bread in 1666.  

The Great Fire of London Day


We had such a lovely day on Thursday.  We had a history workshop and had to dress up as if we were in 1666!  We found out all about the jobs people did during the fire and what life was like.  It was such fun and it’s only our first week!


Cluster Carols

Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 had a wonderful afternoon at Tibberton First School singing Carols and telling the Christmas story with children from Hindlip and Tibberton schools too.

It was a lovely start to the Christmas season. The children all made their teachers very proud with their beautiful singing and behaviour.

P1060326 P1060328 P1060329 P1060331 P1060335 P1060337